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  1. SeaFoamGreen

    Happy birthday Hump!

    PNW Ledge. HBD, eh!
  2. SeaFoamGreen

    *** Official Fin Thread ***

    I'd take em off your hands! DM me if you wanna off them.....
  3. SeaFoamGreen

    Go to Mexico with Bruce Irons and you will...

    He's certainly winning the hair game with that nice head of lettuce.
  4. SeaFoamGreen

    *** Official Snow Surfing Thread ***

    To much if a good thing, aka Powder Prison.
  5. SeaFoamGreen

    *** Official Snow Surfing Thread ***

    After a mild, dry, and surfy winter the tides have turned and the deep cold 900ish mb lows of March are on us. Classic Nor Westers that deliver cold light snow. Finally getting some ROI on the pass and some fun ones in the last few weeks, but Monday was kind of all time. Belly deep and zones...
  6. SeaFoamGreen

    WTB - Stamps Sultwinn or Roswell

  7. SeaFoamGreen

    Planning two weeks thru Oregon and Cali in May

    May/June can be two of my favorite months round here. Off course it can suck at any time including September, but nothing like March typically does.
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    *** Official 2024 Community Surf Journal ***

    Nothing out of the ordinary here, other than a cold snap that brought well needed snow to the high country and an ice storm about a month ago now. In fact it's been somewhat dry and probably wetter in Central California. Jet typically drops a bit south during El Ninos, so mostly been getting...
  9. SeaFoamGreen

    Album Surfboards

    Winged Lightblender, aka Lightwang. Went 5-10. IDK other dims, that will be his job. Looking at fins, they recommended Ashers. Any thoughts from folks on what size, there are 2 sizes, 5.5 and 5.79. 5.79s say for bigger dues. I'm 6' 190. Also read positive reviews on the NVS Albums looking back...
  10. SeaFoamGreen

    Album Surfboards

    They've been keeping it at 9. Was actually under that when they first got them a year or so ago. 1st batch felt a little rough thou. Figured that was just the OR cost of living adjustment. Just ordered a custom clear for that price out the door...... no shipping for me. Hope it comes out as...
  11. SeaFoamGreen

    New Zealand – March/April

    Go find the Coro Gold. Had pretty good luck in March, a long arse time ago now. Can jump to the other side, if there's no swell. Good hiking as well.
  12. SeaFoamGreen

    Album Surfboards

    Figure it will give it a bit more pivot and work a little better backside. My MR was winged and went well.
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    The Great Unbiased Wetsuit Review Thread

    Another boring non yammy Hyperfrecknobluber review coming in from 5mill land. Just replaced my 3rd or 4th I think, which netted around 2 years and 140 or so sessions per usual with a 4mill in occasional rotation. Small leak under left arm pit and other wear per usual. Will still use as back up...
  14. SeaFoamGreen

    Album Surfboards

    Entering the MP chat...... close to ordering a winged Lightblender. Dig fishes and seems like a safe place to start. Volume wise would go 5'11" stoke. At 6' tall and a 50YO ageing surfer any reason to go shorter? 5'10" is as short as I'd prob go these days. Coming off an MR Blowlos CA twin that...
  15. SeaFoamGreen

    *** Official Snow Surfing Thread ***

    Season opener for me today and a fun one at that. Been a sh!t storm of problems and luckily, I guess, they got the lift going around 9:45 powerd by a desil chugging generator. 1st run down the gut of the bowl..... thought it'd be much deeper, but was pretty wind packed and came in a bit to hot...
  16. SeaFoamGreen

    *** Official Snow Surfing Thread ***

    Forecast is finally shaping up for some white wave at the local and looks like the tides gonna fill in. Figured it was gonna pop sooner or later despite all the whining. Surfs been pretty good this winter so haven't cared much, that and back in the office on hybrid and lost a bunch of...
  17. SeaFoamGreen

    Lack of crowds

    Traffic around here has been back to pre-pandemic levels for quite a while now. Nike and Columbia some of the larger employers in the area implemented the Tues-Thurs hybrid model long ago when Coivd cleared a bit. Intel, not so much for office cogs, but a large core of the workforce works in the...
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    Lack of crowds

    Just took a new gig with a large-ish company that just called everyone back Tues-Thurs. It will be an interesting experience as they and I have been pretty much remote since the pandemic. For my new role, it may be beneficial and its a 2.5 mile bike ride, just enough to warm the legs up. Prior...
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    Fiji Airways Board Bag Fees

    This makes no sense :D
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    Alaska Airlines pilot who shut off plane engine mid flight blames post-shroom psychosis...

    This. IME they can definitely make you get into your head, so you either have to be comfortable there or ready to get a little uncomfortable, and with the right mindset or guidance, can be beneficial. You are kind of forced to go there when you normally wouldn't and when you acknowledge whatever...