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    While on the subject of an erBB'r going to court

    Set some numbers up for debt, inflation, etc. Hard numbers. Anytime we fall below, fail to meet, or don't show any growth in these sectors, then every current sitting member of Congress and the Senate is in-eligible for re-election and unable to hold Any public office ever again.
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    ***Sold - 6’8” DK Long Fish

    Sick board! Groundswell point break Machine.
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    Happy Juneteenth.

    Whitewater privilege
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    Heat Dome

    It's not denying there are changes to climate happening. It's the effort of crooks to Once Again find a way to profit from it and expand their control through the use of media propaganda. See also Covid. Once upon a time science and innovation - ie Electric Vehicles, Vaccines, were actually...
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    Heat Dome

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    While on the subject of an erBB'r going to court

    A 42 page thread arguing in surf code over which team of crooks is the most honest/dishonest and who has the best puppet on stage for the popularity contest.. Surf hierarchy in America explained in 4 minutes- EVERYTHING you need to know. Watch, listen and then go do something Better with...
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    I need a side boob

    You're a f$#@in HERO for this.
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    Quiver Shots - Post 'em up!

    Hanel quad is NICE!
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    Heat Dome

    Nice work! And I never thought I would say this to another grown man, but here goes.... - "You should make a TikTok video!" Aaaaa. Fawk. That hurt. Inside my chest. Real pain.
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    Heat Dome

    My grandma passed away at 93 and I still have her Vornado at my place circulating air like a Boss. Drop that Heat Dome. I'll be fine with my Vornado. Hell, I'll even hit Job Lot and grab some Fabuloso glass cleaner and shine that bitch up so there's no glare at 1st light when I'm coming down the...
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    Heat Dome

    Taking this seriously in Rhode Island. Went to Ocean State Job Lot and got another fan for the apartment. Saw a few other people had fans. And beef jerky- on sale -. Line was long and moving slow, but there was only one cashier. Still.....taking this seriously. Fawk! - New England accent -...
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    How to motivate a couch potato kid

    My girls daughter does this- Find a good local gym out by you. Shouldn't be too hard. Ticks all the boxes for both your grandkid and daughter- Team Sport. Whatever they play, you're going to be going to their games/competitions- it might as well be something...
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    This is not a rinsekit thread, but outdoor showers fvcking rule.

    Easiest luxury upgrade to any home. Live in RI also. Epic must. All year round I am a 2 gallon hot water jug rinse guy. Winter its a lifesaver. Fall/Spring it's Rad. Summer it still rules- and share with Lady? You have an instantaneous and Grateful friend.
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    Anyone ride trails when the surf is flat?

    Better yet, hit the archive and watch the 2020 - 2022 series and shop great used deals accordingly on Marketplace.
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    Anyone ride trails when the surf is flat? You don't need more. Just go ride. I linked a 300 hard tail Kona Honzo that would have been ideal riding Everywhere. To and from trails. Errands etc. Quiet overthinking it and go Ride Your Bike.
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    Anyone ride trails when the surf is flat?
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    Reality check

    Holy sh!t....
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    Never forget…