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    To anyone who used to work at Surfer or any other industry bro brah

    Oh! I actually kind of know this one. So when I started at the mag back in 2004, they Surfer warehouse would get in 20-50 boxes of the mag and store them in the warehouse - depends on the issue. If it was the BIG issue, then you would see 50+ and I'd say half would get raided by the sales...
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    Politics Forum has been officially CLOSED effective immediately

    Good morning, Effective immediately, the politics forum here on has been shut down. Any political posts that are posted in the Surfer forums will be deleted and accounts will be removed. We want to continue to offer this forum as a surf-related area, and we know that bleeds into...
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    So what now? erBB's ?

    As soon as I know any definitive answer as to the gate of the message boards here and on Fantasy Surfer, I'll post something on it. Until then, thanks for the best wishes. You may be talking to Surfer's last employee.
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    Quick Reminder Regarding Threats And Topics Here on The erBB

    Hey everyone, GS here. Just felt like we have had enough inflammatory comments here on the erBB to warrant a quick overview of some guidelines Threats towards other users are completely off-limits. Whether or not there is actual intent behind a threat makes no difference; any threats will...