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  1. kawika

    How’s the stock market?

    My point still stands. :roflmao: I don't see China ever taking the lead on anything tech related. Tomshardware sure seems to be a former shadow of itself. Multi-patterning by SICarrier at 5nm or 3nm is a long way off from being commercially feasible at scale. This is just more chest-beating...
  2. kawika

    How’s the stock market?

    I know....I know...
  3. kawika

    How’s the stock market?

    This is one of the most ill-informed takes ever. It's just plain lazy.
  4. kawika

    *** Official Shiseido Tahiti Pro Contest Thread ***

    Same in Firefox, even with adblockers turned off.:cursing:
  5. kawika

    Who is Who on the erBB?

    That would be the most brilliant long play ever...:roflmao:
  6. kawika

    The best Led Zeppelin song is…

    How can you pick just one? Man, that's impossibru!!!
  7. kawika

    ***Official Car Talk Thread***

    Are there any Elon simps left out there? Genuinely curious... I mean, there's still plenty of Rogan simps. Therefore, Musk simps must step up and represent!
  8. kawika

    Any of you foo's air fry ?

    It will be interesting to see how it does pizza, for the sake of science.....
  9. kawika

    Any of you foo's air fry ?

    I have an Air Fry setting on my oven, as well as a Convection Roast setting. They are distinctly different. The Air fry setting cooks quick, if placed on the middle oven rack. I've done homemade buffalo wings, air-fried baked taters and marinated veggies. All turned out well. Not necessarily...
  10. kawika

    Mental Health thread

    Kento, you've totally nailed it. I'm suffering the same scenario up here in Oregon. I told the wife yesterday that I'm ready to pack it up and head to sunnier climes. No rubber, just trunks and 70 degree+ water would be nice for a start...:cheers:
  11. kawika

    How’s the stock market?

    Let's not forget TOELY. Half of r&d and production tooling are Tokyo Electron.
  12. kawika

    John Zerzan - "All the Lonely People"

    "...loneliness is where you find it." -Myklos Dora or something like that.
  13. kawika

    Entire west coast about to get some action

    This is just hilarious... The Dunes
  14. kawika

    Largest Lithium Reserves in the World, in California

    China is in no shape to corner or own anything.
  15. kawika

    Largest Lithium Reserves in the World, in California

    Putting the cart before the horse. We have no Lithium refiners in the US. It would have to be shipped out of country for refining and brought back in. Tesla might be the first refinery along the gulf coast of Texas. It's a long way from reality with many uncertainties. Kind of like our...
  16. kawika

    At what point is it ok to take a dump in your wetsuit?

    Wear a steamer to drop a steamer? :unsure:
  17. kawika

    How’s the stock market?

    :unsure: I can see Cramer pulling a reverse-Uno on the Inverse Cramer Effect.....
  18. kawika

    Maine Looking Dreamy This Afternoon...

  19. kawika

    1 in 3 odds of the big one in the next 50 years

    Check this out. This sped-up animation of ETS over a long period of time really helps to visualize the dynamics of slow-slip events along the CSZ. It still blows my mind to see this.