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    The Random Photo Thread - The Sequel

    I remember that!
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    RIP Mojo Nixon

    RIP...for you old SLO guys, I saw him at the Darkroom in the mid 80's...
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    Let's talk about shrooms

    Exactly what my friend said about a couple of micro doses while backpacking...then we went to the desert and did 3.5 of Penis envy on any empty stomach...whoa...
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    Fires in Maui

    Chief of Staff...good god...
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    *** Official Backpacking Thread ***

    A stop at McKinley Grove is always nice for big tree lovers...
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    Del Mar Zone Reccos

    Though classic places, the Roberto's are average at best these days, but may be worth it for the nostalgia...I like Belchfire's recommendations of Solana Beach...they could also hit the Brig with a view of the track for fish tacos then head up the coast...And, we are currently full of...
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    Different strains....

    Have you done Penis Envy?
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    Backing Into A Parking Space: What's The Point?

    It's going to hit 5 pages SteveT!
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    Backing Into A Parking Space: What's The Point?

    If you're in the area, go see the lovely new San Elijo/Cardiff parking spots along the highway..."back in only, kook!"
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    Backing Into A Parking Space: What's The Point?

    We were required to back into any parking space at my old job. You would be written up if you didn't. We had fleet trucks of Ford Ranger's and Toyota Tacoma's. I think it was because we were a forestry/urban forestry company we could exit fast in case of fires?
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    Alcoholism and Recovery Thread

    They have to be real cold for me...I like the Becks NA and the Athletic Brewing NA beers. The lite one is really good ice cold...will be my summer day beer if summer ever comes...
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    Morro Bay - World's Largest Lithium Battery Storage Plant

    Why do they need to build these on the coast? It's not like a desal plant is it?
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    Morro Bay - World's Largest Lithium Battery Storage Plant

    Just expand Tognazzini's over there so I don't have to wait in line...
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    ***Official Car Talk Thread***

    Oh man! Forgot about the Volkswagon manual! Had a dirty, greasy copy for years...1970/1971 Westfalia's, 1973? Squareback which I blew up on the 101 in Shell Beach...left it on the side of the road, ran to work at a construction project, and never saw it again!
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    ford trucks still the best like a rock!

    I have a Subaru Outback and there is no way it can go off road like a Tacoma...that said, for most it does just fine. We just took my Outback to Idaho/Wyoming this winter and I can't say enough good things about how it drives.
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    colonoscopy blues

    But you're right. They put the needle in your arm, say roll over on your side, then next you know you are awake and everyone is smiling...
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    colonoscopy blues

    My latest prep was a split dose...16 oz late afternoon/evening, then 16 oz no later than 10 am for my 3:30 appointment. No too bad...
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    colonoscopy blues

    So is the PSA reliable? My old doc did manual, new doc doesn't go there...just PSA. Just had a Colonoscopy/Endoscopy a couple of weeks ago. Got violated from both ends...
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    $90 sandles

    I only wear zero drop bro!
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    I dont like it when people say...

    Y'all got some good ones here.