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    NY DuctTape?

    Did it go this morning? The youtube link says it streamed like "91 mins ago" Hmmm
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    NY Ducttape

    Anyone know when the Ducttape will take place in NY? Looks like there will be some good swell tomorrow!
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    Best surf "hat"?

    I'm getting old enough where i don't care what i look like, just don't want to get fried teaching my nephew how to surf. So....what is the best surf "hat" out there? They all look kinda dorky but maybe one of you knows a better one. Wearing a hood just doesn't really work and is way too...
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    E's Niceness

    Anyone know whatever happened to King E? Used to learn so much from the comments and posters on that site, back in the old days of interesting comments instead of just yelling at each other. Niiiiiiceness