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    DHD Mick Fanning DNA best performance board ever.

    Gold Coast (east coast) Australia. the knifier rails may be more feasible here with the difference in swell energy generally (From what I have heard - have never surged in CA).
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    DHD Mick Fanning DNA best performance board ever.

    Only heard great things about the DX1 and DNA. They suit the conditions here for sure. I have been keeping my eyes out for one of those Wilko models for small clean waves - I felt one up and the rails are really impressive. the mini twin also has quite the following, despite a few reports of...
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    More foam bad in slower/softer waves?

    Longer boards so you can hold the rail and draw long lines.
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    Best soft top?

    I’ve got my eyes on an MR for pulling into close outs, shories and surfing in the flags around here. Felt one up and it was surprisingly alright, the rails were decent too.
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    Your Go To Boars

    Lost Bottom Feeder (that I won't ever sell) - 6 litres above my HPSB volume. Paddles and catches them with the mal's and I can still throw it around. Doesn't like anything hollow though. CI Sampler - best small wave board i've had. 2-4 ft. Likes a small barrel. Since throwing the MB fins in it...
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    Best twinny for quality beachies and points

    I surf the Tweed and Gold Coast and just went through this process (31 surf 3 times a week). MOTE look pretty awesome, but I settled on McNeill. More information out there and most people I speak to riding them love them. I went with a small wave design because it’s Spring and Summer time but...
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    Gary McNeill Entity vs RTT

    I've got a Mini Pip on order. For some reason that model really appealed to my eyes. Will provide a report after I receive and test it. First twinny with futures though, what does everyone reckon for fins these days?
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    Best Twin for dumping beach break?

    Stacey Bullet Twin. Check the clips on Instagram or that guy who used one in his POV series on YouTube. Seen them go off locally (but down own one).
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    Performance twins?

    Stacey Bullet Twin - absolutely insane board.
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    FCS2 Quads

    Gday, Just wondering what everyone is using for their quads in FCS2. Have a hankering for going back to the quad set up but haven’t done so with FCS2. I weigh about 75kg if that’s relevant.
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    What board for NSW October through Feb?

    Spring is the worst season on the East Coast (though there are a few secret spots that can work). You will most likely be surfing smaller mushy waves. I'd be looking at a JS Blackbox 2, DHD Skeleton Key 2, Maybe a Rare Bird but probably more a Churro, etc. If you're not from Australia, why not...
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    Board for Punchy Beachies

    I think I was trying to work out whether I could cheat my way to more waves with a step up like the Round Up, even at the cost of a bit of performance. Doesn't look like it will work out? I think i'll go with one of the many local options (JS, DHD, Bourton, Stacey, etc.) for a standard...
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    Board for Punchy Beachies

    Haven't heard much about them to be honest. They're definetly an option I'll take a look at. I know there's a lot of options, I have been exclusively surfing stubby thrusters for years now so am not really sure what to look for.
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    Board for Punchy Beachies

    G'day guys, I'm currently looking for a board that would suit hollow punchy beachies which I have been surfing recently. It doesn't necessarily have to suit bigger waves anywhere between waist to slightly overhead (Aus 3-5 ft). want something that paddles really well so I can sit out a bit...
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    Lost Baby Buggy Round

    I ended up buying one of these with the channel bottom round tail for my daily driver. I've had it around 2 months now and have surfed it over a dozen times. Some days it feels great and others not so much. It handles a late drop and paddles pretty well. It is also super fast, maybe even the...
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    Nose rocker on a barrel board

    What's everyone's thoughts on volume for this sort of board? I am thinking of getting something for my local spot which produces good sucky beach break barrels but I don't often surf it when it gets too big. That said I would like a board to get into the wave a bit earlier and make some of...
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    Fins for New Shorty

    Thanks for your input guys. If I end up with FCS I'll go a set of Accelerators and MFs or AMs. Whats the equivalent of these ones for futures?
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    Fins for New Shorty

    Gday Guys, I'm going to get a new board next week for the first time in years. I don't know much about fins and am looking for some fin recommendations. I've narrowed my board search down to a Chilli Oh One, Stacey Machine Head (most likely) or DHD Skeleton Key 2. Looking for an everyday...
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    Surf Videos – What are Your Favorites?

    The Free Way by Bali Strickland is probably the most well made surf movie I've ever seen, has high quality surfing too.. Storm Surfers with Tom Carroll and Ross Clarke Jones. Immersion - Tim Bonython. Great footage of some serious waves.