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  1. shawnzee

    6'8" Mitsven Magic

    6'8" Custom Mitsven Magic Dims are 6'8" x 21.25" x 2.625" 6/6 x 6 volan in very good condition with one professionally reapired ding on the rail. Minimal signs of pressures. Comes with bag and fins erBB price is $600 Board is located in Carlsbad. PM with questions cl link: 6'8" Mitsven Magic
  2. shawnzee

    2 Mabiles & a Hynson For Sale / North SD

    A good friend of mine has some pretty nice boards for sale in Oceanside. 5'4" Mabile Ghostbuster 7' Mabile Honey Badger 5'10" Hynson White Knight The Ghostbuster is in awesome shape. I've ridden it at Oside harbor and it's SUPER fun. The Honey Badger has a nasty repair on the bottom...
  3. shawnzee

    9'8" Micah Wood Noserider for sale

    9'8" Custom Micah Wood Noserider in excellent condition, snagged from a friend 9'8" x 23 5/8" x 3 1/8" The board is in excellent condition with rock-solid glassing. One unnoticable pro repair on the nose and pretty much zero pressures. As stable a board as I've ever ridden, yet lively and...
  4. shawnzee

    6'2" Michael Miller Bonzer Magic for sale

    6'2" Custom Michael Miller bonzer in excellent condition, nick-named 'the watermelon' Dims are not listed but it is 6'2" x approx 21 1/4" wide x 2 1/2" at the thickest Typical bulletproof, all volan glass from Michael. The board is in excellent condition with no dings, no repairs... and I...
  5. shawnzee

    5'5" Solid Surfboards Bento Box

    Solid Bento Box in very good condition 5'5" x 21 1/2" x 2 1/2" - 38.4 liters Wide outline, low rocker and a concave deck BIO Flex Eco friendly construction ( info here: ) No dings & minimal pressures $400 on CL, erBB gets $50 off Board is located in...
  6. shawnzee

    5'8" Mini Bonzer Light Vehicle

    Campbell Brothers Mini B5 in very good condition 5'8" x 21 1/4" x 2 9/16" Shaped by Malcolm Campbell No dings & minimal pressures True Ames Bonzer fin included $500 on CL, erBB gets $50 off. Board is located in Carlsbad. PM with questions.
  7. shawnzee

    7'1" Greek FC Type 1 Hull

    7'1" Greek FC Type 1 Hull - New, never ridden 7'1" x 22 1/4" x 2 5/8" This is an outstanding example of craftmanship: ISO resin, flatweave volan, classic hull outline and only the smoothest contours, accompanied by a custom Sunrise Boardworks Type 1 fin at 9.25in. the lam is even decked...
  8. shawnzee

    Mabile 5'8" Twinzer Fish

    5'8" Larry Mabile Twinzer in great condition 5'8" x 21 1/2" x 2 5/8" A great all-around board with a bit more rocker than the classic keel but still has the low entry for easy paddling and speed. Double barrel concave through the tail and a single wing release point creating a narrower...
  9. shawnzee

    Mitsven 6' B-Tail Bonzer

    6' Bob Mitsven B-Tail Bonzer in great condition 6' x 21 1/2" x 2 11/16" The speed & planing of a fish but more maneuverable and better performance top to bottom, frontside AND backside. Wider nose, relaxed rocker, single to double concave bottom contour and Bob's signature rails. Super...
  10. shawnzee

    9'8" Davenport 4065

    9'8" x 23 x 3" modern take on classic noserider - thick rails - shallow, blended concave volan with blue foam/twin cedar stringers - in very good condition big and sturdy - paddles easy, gets in easy - really stable if you like to hang toes $650/willing to negotiate...
  11. shawnzee

    Dano & Dewey for Trade (or Sale)

    10’2” Dano Old Pleasure - well-loved - heavy glass - fin repair: ugly but clean - super-glide wave boss 7’0” Dewey Weber Feather - well-loved - heavy glass - soul surfing fun board interested in trading for: midlength singlefin 7’4” - 7’6” mini...
  12. shawnzee

    Longboard/Singlefin Sale (part 2)

    part 2 (more boards on part 1) Decided to pull some logs off the racks and list them for anyone who might be interested 3. 9'9" Hunt Custom - double cedar stringer, stepdeck, volan, tail patch, glass leash loop, good condition - $500 4. 6'0" Tudor Good Karma - matte...
  13. shawnzee

    Longboard/Singlefin Sale (part 1)

    part 1 (more boards on part 2) Decided to pull some logs off the racks and list them for anyone who might be interested 1. 9'2" Ambrose - moonlight glassing, volan, deck and tail patch, well loved (dims are unreadable, but it is 9'2") - $350 fin included 2. 9'6" Almond...
  14. shawnzee

    6'2" Bonzer Octafish

    For anyone who might be interested... 6'2" Campbell Bros Octafish - never dinged, ready to paddle out - comes with 6.5" Bonzer center (clear opaque to match the runners) - traction pad tastefully applied $400 i'm in carlsbad. price is firm. pm with any...
  15. shawnzee

    Fins! Longboard, Lokbox and a trailer

    got some fins that might need new homes Harbour HP 9" - never used - $35 - $40 shipped Malibu Classic 9.5" - lightly used - $35 - $40 shipped Bonzer 7" - used - $30 - $35 shipped Junker 10" - well used - $5 - $10 shipped Lokbox Canard Quad cutaways - brand...
  16. shawnzee

    Culling my quiver - Pavel, Cooperfish and some others

    I've decided to take some boards off the racks and list them for anyone who might be interested. 1. 5'10" Griffin Keel fish - Lokbox Keels - ridden once, never dinged - $300 2. 6'0" Pavel Micro-Wing for the Swift Movement - never dinged - $400 3. 6'8" Cooperfish...
  17. shawnzee

    incredible deal! not to be missed!

    saw this on swaylock's and couldn't resist passing it along. it made my day. but you have to read it all. clearly, this is a bargain... even at twice the price! enjoy. <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/monkey.gif" alt="" />
  18. shawnzee


    saw this on craigslist/sd. thought some of the bonzer enthusiasts might be interested.