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    Teahupoo with Uncle Mike
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    Josh Kerr on a 5'4"
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    South Swell

    In the summer of the South Swell. Stewart gets waves.
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    JOB Pipeline Wipeout

    Apparently, JOB cracked his head on the reef and got knocked out on Saturday at Pipe. Waves were really good that day, but the sandbar was weird and it was extremely crowded (as it always seems to be now). Gnarly.
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    Jake Phelps RIP?

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    Michael Cohen to Testify Publicly Before Congress

    Announced in the middle of Trump's border visit stunt (with Lyin' Ted Cruz standing by his side). That's a shame.
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    1/4/19 to 4/17/19: 4 contests at Pipeline, 3 contests at Sunset, 1 contest at Haleiwa

    16 weeks, 8 contests. Still wonder why people are frustrated? In other news: WSL completely bluffing about boycotting Hawai’i. Pipe Masters still scheduled for December for next...
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    Liberal Ninth Circuit . . .

    ... holds that the Second Amendment protects the right to openly carry arms outside the home for self-defense and strikes down Hawaii’s place to keep laws. I’m sure there will eventually be an en banc review. PS -...
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    Here We Go Again - North Shore Context Rules Debate Redux :vomit:
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    A Breath of Fresh Air

    I came home last night, and this little number was waiting in the mailbox for me. I picked it up as an upgrade to my other surf mat, which I've been riding in pretty much everything since I hurt my neck. This is the gun version of the Fourth Gear Flyer, a little narrower and longer than the...
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    ***** Official Da Hui Backdoor Shootout Thread *****

    Waiting Period - Now through sometime (Jan 16?) Running bodysurfing, longboarding, and SUP today in building surf. Little bit weather sick looking right now. Will be live on Spectrum 250/1250 and at 11:00 HST. Should be better tomorrow, likely to run regular heats then...
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    The Law of Unintended Consequences - Medical Marijuana Meets the Second Amendment

    Honolulu police tell legal marijuana users to turn in their firearms By Kristen Consillio November 28, 2017 The Honolulu Police Department has told legal marijuana users who own guns that they must turn in their weapons within 30 days. In a letter to about 30 medical marijuana card...
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    JJF Out of Sunset

    Reportedly to focus on the world title race at Sunset. Has the Triple Crown lost its magic?
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    Album Social

    Anybody try one? Thoughts? Reviews?
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    **** Official Peahi Challenge Thread ****

    Green alert (whatever that means) for this weekend. Expected to run Friday or Saturday. Women's event at Waimea may also run one of those days, although maybe not since they're also having a women's event at Jaws...
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    The Greatest Pipeline Surfer of All Time
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    Nainoa Thompson Speaks at Hokule'a Homecoming

    Well worth the 32 minutes
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    A real conservative weighs in on DJT

    You loved him ten years ago, now tear him apart.
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    Kalani Chapman's Wave and Rescue

    From January 13, 2017 [video:youtube][/video] In all honesty, I have a hard time watching this. I can watch the wave and wipeout, but I haven't made it all the way through the rescue yet. Thank God for the surfers in his heat, who were...