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    9 lights Orzo twinzer brand new

    Not exactly what I was looking for. 6-3 x 21 x 2 3/4 dual density blank 1lb eps core 2lb eps skin top and bottom Bionic glassing/Vector net deck New, never ridden or waxed. Comes with G10 fin AM template. Serious inquiries , message
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    9 lights twinzer fish

    6-0x22x3 In good condition, a few very shallow pressure dings on the bottom and one of the canard plugs was repaired by the Ding Dr. Balsa deck is near perfect. Beautiful board, good for a 200+ lb guy comes with plywood fins $300
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    San Diego Ventura Ska/Punk fans

    If you are in the area this band is one of my favorites, with a great message of unity,equality, and community.DO NOT MISS Bonus: their shows are wife/girlfriend friendly. If you see an old man get knocked down dancing around, pick him up, might be me
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    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe> Sorry if this is old news
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    9 lights twinzer

    6-4 x 21 3\16 x 3" foiled. Near mint condition,cracked fin box was professionally repaired. Cedar deck dual density blank. Single to double, hard tucked edge nose to tail. Jeff's work needs to be seen to appreciate. Bamboo fin set included. $650.
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    For the reef walkers

    These guys have come up with something for the tenderfoot
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    Coil 6-3 widerboard

    350.00 C-list ad
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    UFC 196

    Hump can you help me out ? Link
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    UFC tonight

    hump... Got a link?
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    Patagonia R3 xls $200 obo

    Excellent condition worn a handful of times
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    FCS fins

    Cleaning out the garage SOAR Powerbase; DXL, DL, DM $50 shipped ea. ( DXL&DL have the base modified to fit FCSll) Griffin Quad rears 4 1/8h x 3 7/8h $20 shipped FCS HI1 $75 shipped FCS G-CRV $40 shipped FCS FG7 $45 shipped FCS GR-X 4 1/4b x 4 1/2H $40 shipped FCS M5 glassflex $15...
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    Childs O'neil 2/1 spring sz 14 $25

    good condition free to ifallalot if the sz is right
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    Aleeda short john MT $40

    Good condition,prefect for the morning sessions
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    6-8 Greg Griffin Step up

    6-8x20.5x2 7\8 Griffin 5 fin eps/epoxy I've had this one a while but rarely ridden. Shows some slight yellowing and a couple of tiny pressure ding between the fins from board storage. Comes with OG fins, traction pad,leash,and board sock. Pics to follow $400
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    Coil Megamind 6-0

    Selling my Megamind 6-0x22x2 7/8 1.36cu'. Just stripped the wax and has a slight foot well other than that it's mint. Not a scratch, ding,or dent. Comes with traction pad and "custom" G10 fins Griffinish template and placement $400 pics coming
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    Santa Cruz info

    Heading to Santa Cruz for a couple of days next week(Wed/Thurs), I found out I might have time to surf, I think the wife booked a place near Pleasure Point. Questions: Are surfboard rentals available ? Usually ride a 6-0 fishy type and a 6-5 wide template SB. Where is a good place to surf and...
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    WTB woman's wetsuit

    Looking for a small size 4/6 wetsuit for my daughter preferably a 4/3 what you got?
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    Newport Hammerhead (offshore)

    These guys post regularly at Bigwatersedge so reasonably reliable I heard a reporter today on the news talking about YFT off HB pier got to get my yak out of the harbor ,resupply the freezer [video:youtube][/video] story here...
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    WTT Powerbase DXL

    I know it's a long shot but looking for some Power Base DXL( stiff black ones,no gay pun) Have DL and some Ceramic FCS FG 7's and a few other lmk wouldn't mind picking up some DMs as well
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    Can anyone help me get the AG47 pop up to stop running Firefox and my pop up blocker is on Maybe r32 can make a sticky