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    Lost Surfboards Carbon Wrap vs C4 comparison?

    Hi, I am wondering if anyone has had a chance to compare these two constructions? I have a Short Round model in Carbon Wrap that was terrific, but now buckled. I will be replacing but considering C4 instead. I am curious if one handles more/less size or chop better than the other for...
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    looking for a set of size Large H2 FCS fins. Buy or trade

    I am looking for a set of size Large H2 FCS fins. Tried craigslist locally but no luck. I hear allot of people did not like this set and so I am wondering if someone would care to part with theirs? I would consider trading some H3's L
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    love H2's, r they good as quad&anyone try them in the h3 tech or h3's ?

    I ride my h2's in all my boards, which are Rocket/Flyer type shorter wider fuller boards (never liked much in standard hp boards though.) Dont ever seem to be able to go back to regular fins now. I have been eying a convertable ...lost Blacksheep model. Curious if anyone had comments about...
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    Rocket riders jumping to Blacksheep or Scorch It yet? Comparison curiosity?

    Loved my Rocket! Want to try something little different now. Has anyone made the switch?? For me I think It is between Black Sheep, Scorch It, Blunt or Double Blunt(dont like wings much though. Where I am coming from is that Rocket went well for me when there was slight juice to even 10...
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    CONVERTABLE 5 fin set ups?

    Who knows if the standard convertable 5 fin box placement is the exact same placement of the boxes as it would be if it were just a quad or tri? Or does it deviate from that type of place ment to accomodate all?
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    H2 experience with ...Lost Rocket, Stealth or Glider. Tri or quad??

    I am 6'4" 225 and loved H2 large with my flyer f. Merrick, 6'4 x 20.5 x 2 9/16. (way better than the composite AM fins that came with it!). Until one fin broke off, that is. Anyways I just picked up a rocket ...Lost 6'2"x21x2.63 and the composite 7's that came with it don't seem right, kinda...