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    plant-based vs paleo / carnivore diet

    You'd better check your cholesterol after drinking all that liquid chicken fat. Thank me later. Hint: you all know about anti-oxidants. Think of chicken fat as pro-oxidant on steroids. You want arterial wall inflammation, then think hey, chicken fat'll do that!
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    So many virologists out there! Simple logic, masks help a little. Far from perfect and far from death masks. I won't even quote any "studies" but use a little human behavior observations of a never before in the wild virus. A. Virus no one has any antibodies, too. B. Some (a lot?) of humans...
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    ahhhh, NO.
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    Intermittent Fasting

    Better to say "skin issues CAN be diet related sometimes"
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    Hill-Sachs lesion

    Trust your orthopedic surgeon. And never raise your arm over your head and let it be forced to the rear. That is a big no no for the shoulder joint.
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    Get one shingles shot for sure. A shingles booster? I dispute the "science". If one shot is 80+% effective and a second shot is 90% plus on top does the extra 10% matter? Tetanus booster every 10 years? Tetanus is deadly and a horrific condition to suffer through. However, that said if you had...
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    Foot inflammation…Plantar Fasciitis

    Memory foam shoes, gentle stretching, rub down your feet every night with lotion before sleep, and maybe consider diclofenac gel, too. There are lots of "devices" and rollers that do a good job of massaging the soles of your feet, too.
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    Cop a squat early and often every day is a great routine, too.
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    Knee Pain

    At some point an evaluation is important and possibly diagnostic tests and procedures. RICE is fine for maybe the first 24 to 48 hours max generally speaking. Early return to light activity is wise, and avoidance of early return to full activity is paramount. Re-injury is a bear and a surefire...
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    Disc surgery

    We all miss our 20 yr old bodies, and oftentimes there are 20 yr old bodies still to be oggled!
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    Disc surgery

    A big question is why did he have a Whipple in 2008? And that's pretty much a miracle to be alive here 15 yrs after a Whipple! Generally speaking, Whipple's are mostly done for Pancreatic Cancer and other nearby tumors or severe pancreatitis.
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    I'll keep this simple. A cholesterol of 303 is an invitation to a coronary event. I would blast the statins at high dose for a couple of months, do some improvements on your cardiac conditioning, significantly change your diet to severly limit anything animal derived, and highly consider a gated...
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    Stem cell injections

    Look at the doctors' cars in the parking lot of that clinic. That should tell you their motive. Or find out where they live in terms of big fancy houses with fences and guards. I'm not a big fan AT ALL of stem cell therapies because the vast majority of peer-reviewed literature shows...
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    Cervical radiculopathy

    Placebo from a physical therapist? Hmmm. Probably NO. Maybe some traction device?
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    achilles heel torn

    No MRI? Calf stretching could help achilles mobility a bit? Rest is wise. If that sucker does snap, it must be sewn back together.
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    just not liking medical sh!t

    Not too dissimilar from fear of dentists. Tests, pain, shots whatever. Swing by the office a few times and get used to being geographically near the doc. Some positive thought patterns. Meditate.
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    wrist fix

    Sounds like a behavioral health diagnosis!
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    Cervical radiculopathy

    So, what do you think? Any positive outcomes?
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    Cervical radiculopathy

    True, but proper stretching, mobilizations, and light traction can alleviate some pressure potentially, make one feel a bit better, and possibly promote healing. Many people with a pinched nerve do eventually become pain-free with no loss of funtion even if the imaging studies remain ugly!
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    Intermittent Fasting

    Possibly true, lots of variability in study design and results: