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  1. trevorbc

    “Insufficient Privileges to Post Threads Here…”

    Does this mean Ifall can finally reveal he is actually a lib all along? ;)
  2. trevorbc

    Robert F. Kennedy Jr?????

    The only way to “get things done” is to elect moderates from both parties that are willing to compromise. Electing incompetent “non-politicians” that never took a civics class isn’t a vote to get things done it is a vote for incompetents that will blow up our institutions.
  3. trevorbc

    Hunter Biden

    Did you read this back before you wrote it? Your evidence for Biden being corrupt is that he didn’t train his dog well enough? Let’s do a side by side comparison with Trump. In the Biden column we have, “he didn’t train his dog well enough.” In the Trump category we have well…too much to write...
  4. trevorbc

    Who do you think will win the 2024 election?

    Isn’t there a difference between riding on a private plane and thinking owners of them shouldn’t get tax breaks for their ownership?
  5. trevorbc

    Hunter Biden

    Can you provide some evidence of Biden’s corruption?
  6. trevorbc

    Hunter Biden

    Listen, no one thinks Hunter is a good guy. But the reality is he holds no elected office. He has zero baring on your life or mine. If corruption bothers you that much, why not focus your ire on the corrupt man running for president? Forget the tribalism.
  7. trevorbc

    Hunter Biden

    I think you’ve lost the plot when you view the KGB as an ally over your fellow Americans.
  8. trevorbc

    Hunter Biden

    Fox News is the source:
  9. trevorbc

    Hunter Biden

    So the entire case against Hunter Biden came from a man, Alexander Smirnov, who got all of his information from Russian intelligence. Is the entire Republican Party working for Putin? You can’t make this shvt up.
  10. trevorbc

    Brandon/Biden's L's

    It’s being reported that all of the dirt on Yeah canceling student loan debt is a typical action taken by authoritarian dictators. Do you hear how silly that sounds?
  11. trevorbc

    Alexei Navalny

    Just curious, have you ever taken a Civics or Political Science course? Not trying to sound like the intellectual elite, but words do have definitions.
  12. trevorbc

    Alexei Navalny

    In 2019, we would have called this trolling. Tryin to rile up the snowflakes. Now I’m not so sure…
  13. trevorbc

    Alexei Navalny

    Was he or was he not the #1 opposition leader to Putin? Did he or did he not want democracy over totalitarianism in Russia?
  14. trevorbc

    Love it or Leave it!

    Is he of draft age? Lol
  15. trevorbc

    Alexei Navalny

    Trump praises Putin and other dictators. I’m not sure why it is so hard for you people to see. His personality and MO point to him 100% being that here if he got his way. The fact that you rush here to make excuses terrifies me for the future of this country. It isn’t even really Trump, it could...
  16. trevorbc

    Alexei Navalny

    Wow, that is some serious conspiracy theory to justify your love for a despot.
  17. trevorbc

    Seriously considering voting for Trump....

    Please don’t vote.
  18. trevorbc

    Alexei Navalny

    For all you Putin/Trump lovers, this is what happens to those that oppose the strong man authoritarian.
  19. trevorbc

    TeeRump. The Emotional Candidate.

    The obsession is with democracy.
  20. trevorbc

    American Politics in 2024: The Angry and Fearful vs. The Content and Constructive

    But is he a conman or not? Trump isn’t some every man outsider the elite are trying to keep out, he is the elite. He started out with a 413 million dollar loan from his father, and is from New York City. I’m still not getting your position.