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  1. J

    Lovemachine FM

    Same template. Stiff ass fins you're gonna be stocked mate
  2. J

    Tomo MPH

    What are the differences that you're finding? Thanks for the response! Always room in the quiver I suppose..
  3. J

    Tomo MPH

    Where's the hydroshort fitting in your quiver guys? Wondering if there will be too much overlap with my sci-fi 2
  4. J

    CI Twin Pin

    Looks like the aipas to me. Might have to try those.. Although it's quite a small fin. Interesting
  5. J

    Lost RNF Redux vs. CI Rocket Wide v. CI MTF

    I had both and kept my rocket wide over the redux. I found they had similar ranges for what I was surfing but the RW surfed better top to bottom
  6. J

    CI Twin Pin

    Been using the true ames twin fin which has felt amazing. Tried the ENs and felt really stiff. This board is epic. Took some time to get use to but nothing beats carving on this.
  7. J

    Varial foam Article/Ride Reports?

    How do you guys compare spinetek to varial? Thinking of pulling the trigger on a happy everyday...
  8. J

    September of 2022: What's your favorite board right now?

    Same here. I'm running mine as a quad. Would like to try it as a thruster again. Debating on the AM-1 or 2. How much you weigh? The RWSQ has been just so reliable. Been trying other boards but always my best surfing on it.
  9. J

    Anyone ridden a Pyzel Wildcat?

    looks like it works in average conditions
  10. J

    Akila Aipa's/Slater Designs' Twin release

    It would be interesting to compare this to a flat earth. Seems like the dark twin seems to have flatter rocker... Anyone find a good set of twins to use for the flat earth?
  11. J

    Akila Aipa's/Slater Designs' Twin release

    Got mine and took it out in subpar onshore conditions for the first session. Crazy how bladed out it is. Had a couple of spicy turns in the pocket. Surprisingly, carries a decent amount of speed through the flat spots. It's gotta be the easiest board I've had to put on rail. Frothing
  12. J

    Craigslist Yolo Aipa

    Mate that looks unreal. That's how I envisioned my lightbender to look like
  13. J


    That townsend looks like so much fun. How much did shipping and customs run ya if you don't mind sharing
  14. J

    Akila Aipa's/Slater Designs' Twin release

    How much are you guys sizing up for this board? I normally ride ~32L with 2 7/16-2 1/2 thickness. Seems crazy to size up to 2 3/4 thickness @ 33.4l
  15. J


    Interesting board. Looks really thick in the middle but with quite a domed deck. Looks fun for a popout
  16. J

    Rounded pin tail twins

    what fins you running?