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  1. SharkBoy

    RIP Mikala Jones

    RIP That is so sad . He seemed like such a good guy
  2. SharkBoy

    Surfboards that Made Us - A Thread of Pictures

    80's WRV & T&C 90's Spyder, Sharpeye, T.Patterson, Xanadu pickled with the occastional Greg Loehr on the east coast 2000's much the same but added Seth Efrica Spider until the ERBB, introduced me to Bulkley 2010's upwards much the same until the ERBB got horny on the Tomos, watching TC surf it...
  3. SharkBoy

    Surfboards that Made Us - A Thread of Pictures

    trying to find 000's old backside hack gif on his quad. I tried his quad back in the day, it was way before it was endorsed by any pro...hi performance was the only focus, and it got me to order one from bulkley...all here on the erbb
  4. SharkBoy

    Sharpeye Surfboards

    used to love how he surfed...i got a sharpeye 2nd hand off of him back in 94'
  5. SharkBoy

    Brukuns vs Slater

    Brukuns ...haha, you are a legend!!!
  6. SharkBoy

    Sharpeye Surfboards

    I've had a few sharpeyes since the mid-90's, never had a dud and they've always been crazy good. Cool to see he is finally getting the recognition he deserves...100% merit based
  7. SharkBoy

    Stocked to be surfing again!

    and happy birthday Bru
  8. SharkBoy

    Which is your ultimate fav Groveler?

    Sharpeye disco for small but well shaped waves LSD Tex for mushy wave gravelling
  9. SharkBoy

    Best custom order experience

    Zouvi at Sharpeye, Brian Bulkley and the late Midget Smith all made me a return customer with their service. Gotta say that the shapers that chime in on here like Pyzel, Griff and so on deserve serious cred as well
  10. SharkBoy

    Let's Talk About Kelly...

    i got fired from quik because he had a bad night of drinking after one of his post andy titles and an australian competitor handed him a beer and said 'congrats, you now have more titles than mates' the industry sucked his butt back then but he's grown on me the past years, putting together...
  11. SharkBoy

    FIn Advice - please

    performer large, 5 fin set
  12. SharkBoy

    Pick 3 Boards: Groveler, Daily Driver, Step-up

    happy with current quiver btw, thinking of getting the sharpeye quiver for my place in portugal and travel
  13. SharkBoy

    fight wetsuits stretch out over time?

    obviously neoprene is stretchy, but if you get one that is tight, in say, the shoulder areas, does it stretch over time? I always thought neoprene hardened over and that the stretching effect was from the seams not holding it together
  14. SharkBoy

    Pick 3 Boards: Groveler, Daily Driver, Step-up

    Right now...and still: LSD TEX 5'4 20 1/4" x 2 3/8" 31 liters for gravel --- * using Futures ELEVON quads Tomo Cymatic 5'4 18 7/8 x 2 3/8" 26.7 liters (although it feels smaller than my other 25 liter tomos) for daily drinking, which accelerators...mostly as a quad Lost TubePig 6'0" x 18 3/4" x...
  15. SharkBoy

    Britt and Dane buy Channel Islands back from Burton

    i like the idea of the surf industry returning being driven by surfers again. everything got worse once posing/influencers outgrew core
  16. SharkBoy

    Benefits of cardio over strength training

    strength training is the basis of any excercise I do, and keep it simple, deadlifts and squats mainly, sometimes i'll mix it up with snatches but i try and lift heavy with adequate rest between sets. upper body is entirely bodyweight excercise, pull ups, chin ups, pushups, dips, and handstand...
  17. SharkBoy

    Fantasy Surfer...done

    My only consolation is that I won the last event at PIPE....end of an era :(
  18. SharkBoy

    FCS Wax

    i can only surf with Sticky Bumps, it's superstition and nostalgia at this stage