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  1. bonzer5fin

    Fins forward bottom up?

    fins up and tail forward. always.
  2. bonzer5fin


    he's out and about and doing fucking remarkable for what he went through. go rickoray!!!
  3. bonzer5fin

    Surf legend Bethany Hamilton rips California officials after competition reverses stance on trans athletes

    bethany needs to be ass pumped by a 6' trannie with double d's and an 11" pepis. (man parts)
  4. bonzer5fin

    Happy birthday Hump!

    yeah hump!!!
  5. bonzer5fin

    Snapper World Champs Heat

    they are gonna have another "super heat" with some basically unknown outside of oz dude? why?
  6. bonzer5fin

    Savage Minnie Driver

    bitd, minnie loved her little pro surfers. there was an amtrak that was run at a certain hotel across from a certain crowded point break known for autographs. many young men had their experiences heightened by miss drivers libido. so I have heard. NTTAWWT.
  7. bonzer5fin

    Paragliding Smashfest

    I'm a frayed knot.
  8. bonzer5fin


    looks like he's out getting some sun!
  9. bonzer5fin

    Go to Mexico with Bruce Irons and you will...

    how bruce is alive i'll never know.
  10. bonzer5fin

    Go to Mexico with Bruce Irons and you will...

    i guess i can let it out now. we tried and tried to get billabong to listen. too many friends called me about andy. wanted me to help. i was with him a few times. he would never commit to it. i can't help the unwilling. and billabong supplied him with yes men. they wanted the cash crop to keep...
  11. bonzer5fin

    Go to Mexico with Bruce Irons and you will...

    inhale and exhale as fast as you can for 30 seconds. then hold your breath and have someone bear hug you. same thing. could die, could feel high, might see black, might see stars. wanna chance it?
  12. bonzer5fin

    Snapper World Champs Heat

    best heat of the event. steph!!!!!
  13. bonzer5fin

    The ***Official*** tell us your ayahuasca retreat stories thread

    sign up for the next spiritual hippie money making bullshit. ask me how.
  14. bonzer5fin

    Go to Mexico with Bruce Irons and you will...

    this very treatment is rarely done with proper medical care. jason sears of rkl died here. they didn't check him out properly and when they thinned his blood, a clot let loose and he had a cerebral hemorrhage. and that story is told many times from many families who had a loved one go to mex or...
  15. bonzer5fin

    Oside pier is on fire!

    hope they keep the pier standing. when we lost oil piers we lost a great place for waves, and the crowds had to go to fewer spots. that sucks.
  16. bonzer5fin

    *** Official Western Australia Margaret River Pro Contest Thread ***

    clay marzo does those layback fall downs over and over and over... just sayin'.
  17. bonzer5fin

    Best safe investment for 2024