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  1. nolibos

    I've seen my share of red tides but...

    A Red Penis Swell is aiming right at my local! I'm worried it might be to ruff tomorrow.
  2. nolibos

    Sprinter vans

    Toyota Sienna, room for me and my boars. What else you need?
  3. nolibos

    “Insufficient Privileges to Post Threads Here…”

    Can we post about the politics of dead lifting?
  4. nolibos

    Tim Stamps - Shaper of the Year

    Any ride reports for the "Vulture" model?
  5. nolibos

    *** Official 2024 Community Surf Journal ***

    Knowing that my regular beach would be a madhouse this weekend, with surf starved hordes, a couple of friends and I headed slightly south to a beach that favors the negative tide. We scored two days of empty beach break with decent sandbars. Long, 3-5 foot, pointbreakesque rights. Thick fog...
  6. nolibos

    Do you still surf?

    Almost 51. My stretching is now half hour at home pre surf and half hour before bed day before surf. If there is good surf it's seven days a week, otherwise 2-4 days a week. Others have said it in this thread and elsewhere, but you gotta go in on the shitty days to keep in it. I have become...
  7. nolibos

    Do you still surf?

    Cool thread; I love the "my workout is best" vibe of it.
  8. nolibos

    *** Official 2024 Community Surf Journal ***

    North of SF. Cold AF (not quite ice cream head ache, but close). First waves in two weeks! Small, shallow, wedges, pretty shitty, but considering the lack of surf it was All TIme.
  9. nolibos

    How long should a wetsuit last?

    I am getting about 1-2 seasons. I rinse and hang over a thick PVC pipe in the shade. 150-200 sessions per year definitely shortens the life. Thinking of getting a second suit for Summer-Fall.
  10. nolibos


    I've used a 1990s windsurf board (long and narrow). Usually pretty cheap on Craigslist.
  11. nolibos

    The best Led Zeppelin song is…

    My wife told me that she tried to listen to Led Zeppelin when she was in college. I thought that was funny.
  12. nolibos

    Five WV middle school student who protested a trans athlete's participation are BANNED from future competitions

    Protesting USA armaments being used to kill 30,000+ fellow humans and protesting one girl participating in high school sports; totally the same thing brah.
  13. nolibos

    The Official OBSF Support Group

    Underwater attack (abalone diver): Kill shot (decapitate) Surface attack (surfer): Amputation for planned bleed out
  14. nolibos

    Geoff McCoy - Done

    Lazer Zap! RIP
  15. nolibos

    The official what is the most expensive thing next to you at work thread...

    I work at the Public Library, so, knowledge, I guess.
  16. nolibos

    Tim Stamps - Shaper of the Year

    I can do $300 (it's all I have).
  17. nolibos

    HPSB 2034

    Maybe a glassed in blue tooth speaker, so I can listen to tunes in the line up.
  18. nolibos

    Favorite flat or low arch traction pads?

    Not to mention weird as$ gloves.
  19. nolibos

    Old movie Bali High

    Got it on VHS from the Bolinas Library years ago. High performance single fin action (or the last gasp of the single fin before the thruster revolution).