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  1. Iceman

    Watch out! Cyclist coming through

    You're absolutely right. You should be deleted from this forum. Also, make sure to vote for yourself on that poll via the "butthurt" thread.
  2. Iceman

    Watch out! Cyclist coming through

    You probably get this a lot, but everybody was doing just great until you showed up.
  3. Iceman

    Happy birthday Iceman!

    Too real! :LOL: The day was awesome. Since I hit the big 40, I made sure to go big. Started the day with a 40 mile bikeride with 4000 ft of climbing. After some tacos and rest, went for a 4 mile run. Then went down to Cowells and swam 400 yards. Thus the 4/40/400/4000 40th birthday...
  4. Iceman

    The best Led Zeppelin song is…

    Agreed on "Achilles Last Stand" and "Ten Years Gone" being up there. I am also a big fan of "That's the Way", specifically from How the West Was Won. Sleeper hit going to "The Wanton Song." Also a couple of the live versions of "Since I've Been Loving You." And "How Many More Times." So...
  5. Iceman

    ***The Official Running Thread***

    Well, ran the relay yesterday. There was some pretty gnarly competition interspersed on the teams, including some runners and triathletes that ran sub 6 minute miles! The course was just an out and back, with a hill to start so made for a nice downhill finish. I ended up going 6:14, 6:30...
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  7. Iceman

    ***The Official Running Thread***

    Did some mile repeats on Monday trying to get ready for this 4 mile race on Sunday. 5:44, 5:51, and 5:47 Not too shabby
  8. Iceman

    *** Official Snow Surfing Thread ***

  9. Iceman

    *** Official Snow Surfing Thread ***

    Spent 3 days hitting the slopes for some great spring conditions this week. Monday - first time ever at Heavenly. Limited on the runs since a lot of the lifts were closed for the season, but the riding was great. Hit the Nevada side in the morning as it was in the sun first, then migrated...
  10. Iceman

    ***The Official Running Thread***

    Big ups, Kento! What a day to have that big of a run. I know you said the winner is unworldly, but honestly, doing what you did seems unworldly to me. I have a paltry 4 mile race on the 28th. It's just a local first-responder fundraiser event and I'm doing a relay with a team of 4...
  11. Iceman

    Dickey Betts rest in peace Brother !! )

    RIP A lot of my childhood memories are linked to listening to the Allman Brothers.
  12. Iceman

    *** Official National Parks Thread ***

    Camped out there years ago. Definitely a cool hidden gem.
  13. Iceman

    *** Official Snow Surfing Thread ***

    Last week at Kirkwood. Thursday was a powder day, not super deep, but fun. As I boarded the chairlift to the intermediate slopes with my wife for the first run of the day at 0855, EVERYBODY was in line for Chair 6. It's usually the first chair to the top of the mountain to open on a powder...
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    The Official OBSF Support Group

    You only mad cuz you fell for it
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    Famous Threesomes

  16. Iceman

    Take a Helicopter Tour. It Will Be Fun They Said

    This. Damn things fired up like an angry swarm of XXL mosquitos each day. Gnarly footage!
  17. Iceman

    *** Official Snow Surfing Thread ***

    Well the storm dumped snow, but it was pretty wind blown at Kirkwood. Spur was closed Monday, so missed the initial opening when the road opened from South Lake, but drove all the way around from Pioneer on Tuesday (an extra 2 hours of driving). Although the frontside was tracked out, found a...
  18. Iceman

    *** Official Snow Surfing Thread ***

    Had a couple sunny days at Kirkwood on Tuesday and Wednesday this past week. Cruising with my parents and wife was a ton of fun. I inadvertently sharpened my edges a little too sharp before the trip, so my board was a extra grabby. But it made for some extra hold that I wasn't used to while...
  19. Iceman

    *** Official Snow Surfing Thread ***

    Went up to Kirkwood last week, Thursday and Friday. Thursday was kind of a sleeper powder day. They were only reporting 6", but there were areas where it was definitely deeper. Plus a lot of terrain was not touched the previous day, so there were some divine lines to be had, even well after...
  20. Iceman

    *** Official Snow Surfing Thread ***

    I took my split board to Mammoth to dial it in when I first got it. Nothing crazy except it's a little bit different that my normal resort board, but nothing you couldn't feel out.