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    Anyone ride trails when the surf is flat?

    I weigh 225 and run 26psi rear 24psi front with 2.5" tires tubeless on 29" wheels for my enduro e-bike and similar pressure on my acoustic hardtail (a couple more psi due to 27.5" wheels). A few of my bigger buddies use Cush Core and run slightly lower pressure. The new, wider rims allow one...
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    Anyone ride trails when the surf is flat?

    X3 on Pinkbike classified, there are a ton of really good used bikes on there right now, just google the reviews on the specific models. Indeed 1x12 is really nice & the dropper posts are a must. I would plan on going over budget as opposed to trying to save a few $$ because quality components...
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    The Great Delusion

    Yeah, that was my 1st choice mainly because it has the Bosch motor. However I got the Pivot for a stupid-good price that was a one-time offer so I had to jump on it.
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    The Great Delusion

    I have an acoustic hardtail but this new toy is too much damned fun and gets ridden the most sorry for the thread de-rail
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    Selling a classic car in Hawaii (Big Island)

    Dad passed away this summer so my brother and I are trying to help mom sell his 56 Pontiac Chieftain 2 door wagon. If it were on the mainland it would be no problem but it is in Hilo so options are limited (it’s the orange/white one that used to cruise town for anyone living there). Its not...
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    Case for an erBB IPO

    Good call. Physix Surf was pretty entertaining as well
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    Big Island recommendations?

    There were no waves on my last trip so I spent a lot of time swimming at both Carlsmith and Richardson Beach parks. Poke at Suisan is pretty tasty. Even when its small Honoli'i has longboard waves
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    Fresh parmenter’s

    Yes, if you are on the west coast and want one, Randy at Moondoggies is the one to speak to.
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    OCCY 1989

    It was trippy to see him with a deck pad in those 1st clips, let alone the front traction.
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    HIC live video?

    I found a link but it seems sketchy. It's pretty sad considering that Haliewa is one of the most enjoyable contest venues to watch.
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    At what point is it ok to take a dump in your wetsuit?

    True, I kinda got off track in regards to the thread title. However, I have seen a few locals wear 2mm fullsuits in the morning when the rivers are flowing strong down into the rivermouths near Hilo.
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    At what point is it ok to take a dump in your wetsuit?

    What about plate lunch? Does this now belong in "Hawaii - Done thread"?
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    Mental Health thread

    Going to try and just spend time with him. Ask him to tell me stories. Yes, this so much. I just went through a similar situation 2 months ago and feel your pain, your post brought back some emotions. Drop what you can and visit ASAP for as long as you can. I was lucky because I can work...
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    Aloha Fr!day!

    Cuesta Grade?
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    Enter the Cramaverse

    Would love to see Bobby Martinez on that wave.
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    Spray vs. Technique

    Before Parko won his title some felt he was getting underscored because it looked "too smooth". I recall it being said (possibly by him) that he needed to "dirty it up a bit" to show the effort he was putting into his surfing.
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    Spray vs. Technique

    This could be an oversimplification but I would say it often depends on the level of competition and distance from judges to the waves being ridden In a local contest without any replay and the judges are a couple hundred yards away then throwing spray is definitely gonna get you some scores...
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    *** Official 2023 Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach Contest Thread ***

    bonus points for mentioning the leash string
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    A thread dedicated to the layback barrel...

    Rabbit's double arm grabber immediately after is pretty wild too
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    *** Official Haleiwa Challenger Contest Thread ***

    super stoked for Ramzi, glad to see his perseverance paid off