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    WTB FCS II Peformers

    Anyone have a set that they didn't click with? :shrug:
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    Aviso still relevant?

    Trying to wrap my head around this as carbon has many advantages. I always see a few Aviso's pop up on Craigslist when im on the hunt for a RNF, and they still hold a considerable price tag for a used board. I think the factory is still preducing boards? Anyways, the hollow carbon fiber...
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    Lokbox - FCS gripit adapter wtb

    Anyone have a set they dont use anymore? the arctail 2+1 thread has got me thinking.....
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    Black Knight

    Not mine but a lot going on here. 101's included... Someone grab this and let me know how it goes, 20W?
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    John Cherry retiring

    Looks like he's passing the torch.
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    Jobson Twinzer CL find

    I know some of you are looking to try one of these. I'd grab it but am tapped out.
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    WTB Lokbox Speed Dialers

    I keep missing the boat on the ones in the classifieds. Anyone have a quad set they dont use? Scuffs/ nicks are fine.
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    Wavejet used for good

    What wavejets use should be intended for. Great to see the stock on Jesse's face.
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    Feeler...Lost RNF quad for trade

    Promised myself that I'd never get rid of this thing but have too much overlap in the quiver and just sold my step up after getting too heavy for it. 5'8" x 21" x 2.56" eps/epoxy - hence the yellowing. Really solid glass job with one or two tiny cosmetic rail snackles and front foot...
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    Lokbox CI Keels

    Good condition used once after getting them from a fellow bber. Couple snackles but nothing to change the actual outline or edges. Looking to trade for a set of lokbox speed dialers if anyones got any in equal condition. <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/shrug.gif" alt="" /> PM email or phone...
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    Khloe out

    Looks like he's gonna be cutting it close for requalification...
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    Rescue dog taken back illegally?

    I got lucky and found a great rescue dog thats a pure breed. The dog is awesome and hasnt left my side since I got him. At work he got out and didnt notice right away and someone next door called in at the rescue place that they found him. Our name tag fell off the day before. The rescue...
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    CL Find Formula Energy

    For those of you looking to try one stateside. Not mine.
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    This German kid rips

    Good surfing and great waves. Will have to put Portugal on my next trip list.
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    Lib Tech Surfboards

    Alternative construction?
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    CL Ad of the day

    Dont all go and call him at once now. Link <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />
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    Fin install LA area

    I know I've seen a topic about this before but cant find anything using either search function. Anybody have any recomendations. Am looking to add some side fins to my single fin for more bite and the option to run it as a twin. Aquatech is out of the question since its been hit or miss with...
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    Tahiti or Fiji Honeymoon

    So we've put Tahiti or Fiji on the short list for our upcoming honeymoon since my future brother in law has decided to gift us his frequent flyer miles with American Airlines. Turns out they partner with Tahiti-Nui and Air Pacific. Hoping for no board bag fees. <img...
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    Craigslist Post of the Day

    Patches are all his....... <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/roflmao.gif" alt="" />
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    Anyone know the surfboard policy for Cathay Pacific?

    Am going to Bali at the end of August with a layover for a couple days in Singapore.Looking to take a few boards? Anyone fly them recently? How about Air Asia - they seem cheap but not sure about board fees.