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    Do you still surf?

    Over 40, so far the body hasn't been a limitation outside of the many surgery recoveries (ankle/hip/shoulder). All that said, I moved to the east coast about 15 years ago so the forecast or lack there of is the biggest problem. We have our days, but there's barely enough surf through the summer...
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    I love a Good "Good Book" thread

    Glad to hear you enjoyed it. I don't think it's a book I'd recommend to everyone but I thoroughly enjoyed it. So much so that I read it twice and dug up whatever collateral I could find, Kekule problem etc... I found the dialogues about where language comes from and how the subconscious...
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    I love a Good "Good Book" thread

    If you enjoy Stella Maris, which I did, I think this is a good companion read: Relatively short, but fun to read further about some of the mathematicians and physicists cited in Stella Maris.
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    ukraine war 2024

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    Who had that Bitcoin target price prediction?

    Who knows; feels to me that it wants to pop to the upside but not ready to party yet. Would not be surprised at all to see a 20%+ dip in the near term, that said, the dips seem to get bought up quickly. My best guess: BTC etc dip/trade sideways for another month or so, (tax season, halving...
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    ukraine war 2024

    I'm no expert but my understanding is: -Yes, they can make munitions faster (at least for now). -And, not clear about the hypersonics, so far it appears they aren't as good as the Russians have advertised...
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    Complicated truths about wind power and right whales…..

    IMHO, it is right to have concerns, but all of our energy options have a cost, both environmental and social. The key here is to find the best longterm solution(s). It seems disingenuous to me to only take issue with wind while being blind to the hazards of petroleum. There's too many of us for...
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    SOLD - 5’4 Mandala Microlight Superchunk Keel

    Agreed.. FWIW, I've got a 5'4" ASQ twin in microlight and I think it might be the best board I've ever surfed. From knee to head it does everything and does it well. I like my plasmic too but only had room for one so I let the plasmic go. YMMV
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    Who had that Bitcoin target price prediction?

    Can you elaborate? Is that bullish or bearish for Sol? I tried looking into it but only found articles from last year. Thx!
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    Happy to help but I can only draw from my personal experience and sorry but I've been dealing with a neck injury so haven't been out on my WF in months. I think if you're a competent surfer that the WF will work just fine from 2-3' to head high +. I live in NY so our surf is rarely powerful and...
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    As long as there's a little push it'll work. Just not my favorite board when it's barely 2-3', high tide etc. I'm also a pretty average surfer so YMMV. I've never surfed a twinsman but I've checked them out on the rack. I'm guessing, but I think the Will's fish has a bit less tail rocker and a...
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    I've got one, love it at my local beachbreak and travels well. But IMHO it works best in 3-6' and potentially bigger depending on the surfer/wave. Not the best groveler but it could work.
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    Official This Issue Is Not Going Away Thread

    All verifiably true except for your use of the word "unaltered". The laptop was altered. This has been verified, by both the FBI and the laptop repairman who received the original. This is not new news.
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    Glass on vs Futures - unscientific experiment….

    Send it Malcolm! Would be fun to hear what he has to say.
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    Who had that Bitcoin target price prediction?

    Sounds like potential upside for bitcoin miners. I might be wrong but my understanding is that the miners ultimately settle the transactions and therefore make $ for each transaction. That said, all the miners I track tanked today pretty hard so :shrug:
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    Who had that Bitcoin target price prediction?

    I'm thinking the same but I don't really know and have been unable to find a reliable answer. I think I read that Coinbase is the custodian for several of the ETF's so perhaps it's possible that Coinbase is already holding:shrug: All I do know is this is going to be an exciting/volatile week in...
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    Cervical radiculopathy

    Wow, looks like heavy duty surgery, best of luck with the recovery! What exactly was the surgery called, did it involve fusion? I'm dealing with something similar although definitely not as bad as yours. Doc is recommending prosthetic discs (C4-6) and I'm trying to figure out how tough the...
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    Peristent cough

    I'm no doctor but every time I've had a heavy cough that wouldn't quit I pull out the nebulizer. ($30-50 on amazon) In 2021 I had a terrible cough that wouldn't quit for months. 3 days of nebulizer (saline 2x3 times a day) really turned things around. If you want to kick it up a notch you can...
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    Would you say the AO goes well in beach break or is it best for points?