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    Album Surfboards

    oh damn! she dropped off my Larry Mabile Ghostbuster at my work years ago as a favor (the board I never should've sold). said she was driving up to see some friends in LA and could bring it up. glad to see she's still working in surfboards.
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    JS Carbotune

    I will say though that the Hyfy board a friend permanent loaned me years ago, is the best construction of a surfboard I've owned. Even though it clearly had manufacturing defects, with pieces of the external epoxy flaking off at stress areas and dark areas immediately after purchase, it still...
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    Noel Salad XTR10 review

    they gave me a coupon code for $200 off my next board for my board fuck-up. Of course they did that a month before they changed the website so it didn't take coupons anymore. HA!
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    Um…The Surf Banana…

    Is this just a $15 plastic bag? The testimonials are hilarious.
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    Best Sunblock 2021

    All I know is that Hawaii bans the first one and the last one. Maui bans all non -mineral sunscreen. Not sure about the recent research on it all but I try to stick to mineral based ones because it's easy enough for me. But I know the Jersey jetty ecosystem is much more sensitive than the DDT...
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    Brad Gerlach Wave Ki

    Surftech! Your favorite kind of board!
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    EPS/Epoxy Yellowing Question

    Yeah they clearly did something wrong with my board. When this video came out, I emailed them about my board with pics and to their credit, they at least offered me a coupon for $200 off my next board. But they wouldn't say what went wrong.
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    EPS/Epoxy Yellowing Question

    My XTR that I got this past fall is the yellowest board I've ever owned. I only surf dawn patrol and keep the board in a bag but it's waaaaay more yellow than my poly boards (which are many years older) and significantly more yellow than even my Thai made JS hyfy which is probably 5 years old...
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    Album Surfboards

    Nice review! I've always thought the footage of it looked great but there isn't a ton of it and not a lot of non-pro reviews. Looks like it really accelerates out of the bottom and then is loose off the top. Jack Freestone at least rides it really well in bigger waves.
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    Chris fish yay or nay

    is it definitely his "fish" model? he has a couple different boards that look fish-y. My friend has a bunch of Christenson boards and the fish he has (for what it's worth) is not really a grovel wave fish, more of a traditional all-around fish. The myconaut (a rounded nose quad fish) is his...
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    Mark Price steps down from Firewire....

    While I generally disagree with Reforest, and agree that he maybe takes this place too seriously, surfwhere's take at the end makes no sense and is just a personal attack. By his logic, Mark Price did it right since he's definitely got money in the bank and is checking the surf from bed (as a...
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    Album Surfboards

    I 2nd the shapers AR twins for the plasmic. It actually says they were designed for the plasmic in the description. Get them while they're hot. Album site seems to be the one place to get them at normal prices.
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    The Biggest Single Tab Keel Fins

    you try big quads in it? my friend occasionally breaks out his slightly oversized bean-bag during longboard only conditions and he runs the lost versions of the futures controllers in them. That set-up goes great in that board.
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    Your current two board quiver

    album plasmic roberts metatwin
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    Travis Logie puts on a clinic with his STAMPS

    his ability to surf that f'd up sand bar (breaks like high tide at low tide ever since the giant swells came through) is impressive, but you're partially right. He's on waves that are all bigger than the ones they showed from the beach and the footage of him surfing is slightly sped up. Also how...
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    Album Surfboards

    I actually watched through most of the video. He said he got the board 9 months ago when the waves were good and he really loved it and then had an injury and didn't surf for months then this video footage is from small waves he's been riding lately now that he started surfing again. The review...
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    That was really cool. A lot of stuff I didn't know about the early days there and didn't focus at all on any of the obvious flashy stuff that wasn't as connected to the actual development of the company (only a few shots of the well-known riders and most of them not ID'd on screen). I find it...
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    Album Surfboards

    yeah, the fins do look deadly. Although the album NVS fascination twins (which are great fins) in futures probably terrify me more. That sharp point created at the base by the cutaway AND the fin is in G10... The only leash I've ever broken was with those fins and I'm convinced I must've cut the...
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    Album Surfboards

    BTW if the upright NVS album apex twin or asher pacey 5.59 are feeling too small or not drivey enough, but the asher pacey 5.79 feels like too much fin, I'm riding the captain fin version of the tyler warren twin fin in my plasmic and it feels great. Looks like a similar base as the 5.79 but a...
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    The Great Unbiased Wetsuit Review Thread

    Mine did that too. I would've just kept wearing it but then the teeth broke on the zipper. Got the warranty repair back where they reglued the seams and fixed the zipper. Used it for the first time post repair today and... The zipper teeth broke at the exact same spot. O'Neill fit me best too...