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    How’s the stock market?

    working in commodities now, so less stock market info and more international chemical sales stuff, still in compliance as a backoffice jockey
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    How’s the stock market?

    I made some good money on NVDIA and the tech stuff (qqq) sold and have been watching in awe. Curious to see who the winners and losers will be as the big dogs snatch anything up that is innovative. Then again so did GE for a billion years
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    How’s the stock market?

    slower startup then something like the shale oil boom, but longer payoff was his synopsis. I didn't end up buying any canna my friend keeps trying to get me to buy I think to justify his losses but who knows. I think its obviously a good long term buy but the market is still in limbo at least...
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    How’s the stock market?

    dad works with some big oil/land men they are all super long nat gas for what its worth.
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    older designs are still relevant

    I do kinda miss the trial by fire method of when you had to decide to get on a shortboard and suck for awhile. Builds character. This also turns away a lot of people who don't want to put in the work, but now you can start with a puddle jumper and work your way up. While this is good for...
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    WTB Mick Fanning FCS mediums

    I love the kellys (upright) in everything but I see so many duus on fannings- do they feel grippier or drivier than AI template
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    older designs are still relevant

    homie has been on a black beauty and absolutely killing it the waves here dont get good for it often but when it pitches he can chip in so early
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    WTB Mick Fanning FCS mediums
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    WTB Mick Fanning FCS mediums 20 dolla
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    Greg Griffin RIP

    Greg, I hope you're reading this from beyond- was arguing fin templates on facebook on your behalf last week. They don't know sh!t about planing area, release or hold. also the more I learn the more things you were right on, minus concave but we will see--- haha miss you old bastard!
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    The Official OBSF Support Group

    deforest, are you alive???
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    The Official OBSF Support Group
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    Mens CT Dims from Stab

    good point, watched Kei Kobiyashi get yoked on his IG and shredz hard now. I'm still a hobit and my 27.5 liter rnf is almost too boaty sometimes
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    Mens CT Dims from Stab

    I'm 140 on a heavy day and large fins are usually too stiff for me, the exception being twinnys and grovellers. Had a Medium(medium large?) set of CI orange fins I bought from one of you and they were drivey but I couldn't get them to release for the life of me edit, I love upright fins and...
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    Sharpeye Surfboards

    noticed this at a spot that has a looong slopey section IF you can even connect the outside to inside. more wiggle on the big flat spots where you don't have as much speed
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    post a pic of yourself surfing

    is that a Meeks or a Barry Snyder?
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