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    Ideal age to perish from this earth.

    I have ridden a Vet Moto track with a 77 and 84 year old that were still ripping. The 84 year old would get pissed if you tried to pass him and would roost you with dirt. I pray I can still ride Moto or surf at 84 event at the bare minimum.
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    Oside pier is on fire!

    Wow... haven't thought of my youth days surfing Oil Piers in a very long time, stoked you mentioned that to trigger that memory. Such a wacky bounce wave in the middle, and locals that regulated the way I wish could be done today.
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    The new 101 parking/bike/ped lane scheme in Cardiff/Encinitas...

    So I decided to surf one of the reef peaks on Friday and drove my GMC crew cab diesel truck southbound and decided to try parking in one of those diagonal back-in spots. First, I pulled over to the side of the road, however my truck is big enough that it still stuck out into the main lane, so I...
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    Poipu 3/31 - 4/6

    Unless you show up with your boards dinged and have to pay to have them repaired there... 50/50 that is the result on Hawaiian Airlines.
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    Professional thieves La Jolla Shores.

    Anyone ever hide an Apple Air Tag in their car?
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    Poipu 3/31 - 4/6

    Depends on how much you really factor into riding your own boards. If you just are there to casually get a few rides in, then I would rent. If you are flying Hawaiian Airlines the costs for boards is ridiculous, and there is a 50/50 chance they show up damaged. You can recent decent boards in...
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    2024 Huatulco Area Surf Guides

    I was planning a post today about traveling to the area around Barra, staying just north of there at the Cosmos Residences in September. Booking a package with a travel company called Thermal, and the guide is apparently one of the OGs who's name is Pablo Narvaez. Anyone have good stories from...
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    Lack of crowds

    All I can say is that I can only pray for the days pre-covid and earlier where you could get a lighter crowd session weekdays between 10-2 between Del Mar and O'side. This morning around 11am, there were 25-30 heads in the water at Dst as I watched on Surfline, and at least that many at Cardiff...
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    *** Official Shark Thread ***
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    I had blood pressure of about 140/90 on average. Started taking Nitric Oxide supplements about 9 months ago and now I am running at 120/80... I had read the research, figured it couldn't hurt to try it, and bam, it sure seems to have helped my personal situation!
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    Crazy Drivers Post Pandemic

    Indeed, can someone please explain to me why in San Diego, it was normal to see Arizona plates here often, but now Texas has overtaken Arizona plates by at least 5:1. I thought people in Texas hated California, so why the heck are there so many people from Texas coming to SD???
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    Crazy Drivers Post Pandemic

    You should come take a stroll through Encinitas sometimes, we literally have e-bike gangs of 14 year olds.
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    Longest resting underwater breath hold?

    I have never understood, is the Wim Hof method basically hyperventilating? If so, and that is supposedly bad, how does it help him and others hold their breath for so long?
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    Anybody Done Central Am in Sept, Oct?

    I spend a week in Nica every Sept, and generally score with far less crowds. Year before last several days were 8-10+, last year almost every day was 6-8.
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    Moving San Diego

    Nothing else is enforced, so I am sure this new ban won't be either.
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    Nica vs. Samoa

    If you are goofy foot, you should love Nica in the Puerto Sandino area, tons of lefts. Super easy and cheap trip for a week. Up north the crowds are less than down south. Done a couple of trips there now and enjoyed the lack of people the most next to warm water and good waves. Only surfed one...
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    that run of swell screw us?

    You mean you want everyone from Seaside and Cardiff to come up your way...:ROFLMAO:
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    Surfing Moorea?

    There are only a few consistent surf spots on Moorea. All but one are very long paddles through very large channels out to the reef passes that can have currents going in or out that you can't out paddle. Make sure you time the tides right. There is one that is inside a reef pass that you can...
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    Did some of the surfermag forum soft-handers move to Texas?

    I see too many of them to just be tourists, and all year round. Mostly look like younger 20-30's aged. I see Texas plate cars at all the malls, grocery stores, oh and several at local surf spots. I just genuinely wonder and are curious why there are so many plates from Texas in a state that most...
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    Did some of the surfermag forum soft-handers move to Texas?

    I think the headline of this is backwards, I see more Texas license plates in San Diego than any other plates. It used to be AZ in the summer, now I see at least 3-5 Texas license plates a day. I have lived here since a child in the 80's, my family has been here since the 60's and all say the...