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    Fooking neck spasms again

    This time it's a whopper and I can't find any comfortable position at all. About to head to urgent care. Are there any pills I can take (short term for like 2-3 days) that will knock this pain down until the muscles heal? Even sitting or laying down is excruciating. I've had flexeril and...
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    I surfed last week even though I thought enough time had passed after the rain I couldn't remember because of all those weird patchy downpours we had. However later that night I felt like my throat was irritated, and then several days of a sore throat only with some post nasal drip. But I was...
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    Torrey Pines Glider Port Parking

    Is there an event or has the university made the glider part into its unofficial parking lot? Lot was packed and nobody was using the park, they were just walking to the college
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    Cold Water Shock

    I had a strange experience the other day down here in SD. Was in my normal 4/3 although hadn't surfed in about 3 weeks. First duckdive and I started gasping for air / hyperventilating. Couple more duckdives and could not get it under control. I had to get out. I've since gotten a cap and...
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    Creatures Fins?

    Anyone ride these? I'm a sucker for something different looking and I like the art they have on them. Maybe get a set next time I'm in the market for fins but the price is a little prohibitive. Just curious if anyone's riding them.
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    Hip Flexor Pain And Stiffness

    When I stand up after sitting for a bit I am getting a sharp stiff pain in the front of my hips. It's fine after I walk a few steps and it loosens up. But this is annoying and makes me feel like I'm 95 years old. I know some of you are stretch masters for these sorts of things, can anyone...
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    Staph Infection?

    I recently got a red bump on my chest that looked like either a pimple or a bug bite. It didn't hurt or itch or anything, so I just waited to see if it got worse. The red area was about the size of a nickel and had what looked like a faint zit or pimple but it wasn't big at all and I really...
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    North County Traffic

    Just me or is North County traffic on the 5 at an all time high? I know it's summer, but it's been this way for a year. More population?
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    So Cal Wind

    What is the weather pattern that is causing these godawful early gale force winds and when are we going to see a break? It's becoming ridiculous
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    Help Me Find A Particular Surf Photo

    I recall seeing a certain photo in a magazine (I forget which publication) a few years ago of a surfer standing on the inside reef in waist deep water, with one or both arms up flipping off a giant set wave that was coming straight for him. I think it was Pipeline. I'm trying to find this...
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    Increasing Paddle Power / Endurance

    I'm a 30 year old female and I have a pretty strong paddle and pretty good endurance (surf for 3+ hours at good intensity) However, I find that I get a little overwhelmed when it gets big out. I wish I could be a bit stronger. Today I kept getting washed around (although I was tired/hungry...
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    Swimmers and surfers warned to stay out of OB water What great reporting. It hasn't rained a drop. So why is it polluted?
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    Anyone been to the resort? What was your experience like? It's been a dream trip of mine for a while. Looking to go for fun sized surf... so around March? Or late, October? Don't need giant DOH barrels by any means, but might like to challenge myself at some point.
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    Sizing A Step-Up

    I'm looking into buying a step up board for when it gets bigger around here in San Diego. Every time I paddle out when it's pumping I feel undergunned and I can only pick off the insiders. My go to boards right now are 5'9 JS Konfusion for decent waves and a 5'6 Blak Box 2 for junk surf. I...
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    mid back pain

    I've been having pain in my mid back region, just below the shoulder blades. It ranges from the sides of my chest to my spine. When I stretch out the area and rotate and stuff it's all creaky/clicky throughout my whole back and ribs. Is this just overuse? It just kind of gradually came...
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    How Long To Let A Ding Dry For

    Got a gash in my rail, about an inch into the board. Foam exposed. Ugh. Some donkey kicked his longboard RIGHT at my head on a closeout, not wearing a leash. Threw my board and dove. Kept surfing for about a half hour because it happened while I was paddling out and I was pissed. How much...
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    Old Reef Cut On Foot Still Hurts - Help

    Hi there Had a very, very small cut on the bottom of my foot (on the sole, about an inch back from the pinky toe). Obviously it's on the ball of my foot where I tend to put pressure. The cut was maybe 1/8" long but a little deep. After the cut I was walking around on the pavement for a...
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    Can You Pass Out From An Ice Cream Headache?

    Just wondering....I had a BAD one today. Maybe I'm more sensitive to them I don't know. But at one point I almost felt like I was going to puke and did that cold water hyperventilation thing. I should probably get a cap. But just wondering....
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    my stupid wax

    I apologize in advance if this is a stupid question. I don't know what is going on...I've never had this problem before. I always have used Sticky Bumps wax. Lately I've been having the wax "shredding" into little tiny rolls/shavings when I try to wax up my board. In some cases the wax just...
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    scar on forehead

    cut my forehead, had stitches, now they are out. Hell of a place to keep out of the sun. I globbed on 3 different types of sunblock, including zinc and a heavy amount of that glue-stick stuff from Headhunter. Then wore a hat so the thick brim area was directly over the scar. I'm still...