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    Pyzel Astro Pop

    What do you reckon? Looks good to me.
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    The Purist’s Mentawais Quiver

    Thought I’d bring my 6’2 AB channel bottom, 6’3 Ghost, and 6’10 Desert Storm. Sydney Airport thought let’s go full minimalist and bring none! Yep, sitting in Padang, Sumatra, with nothing, hoping against hope that something will turn up before the boat leaves tonight. Sorry for a useless...
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    Superbrand Siamese Twin

    Any reviews, fondles, 2nd hand info, or strong opinions? Looks very good to me, but I can't feel one up here at home. Wonder if they need to be generously volumed, or if you can get away with a little less. Cheers everybody
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    ...Lost Retro Gun (and more)

    The new slew of Lost boards sound really good. Retro Gun seems to have a lot of the attributes that make my Desert Storm such a hoot. Retro Ripper would be a great DD in our windy corner of the world.
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    Bigger wave quad setup - FCS

    What quad fins do you use for solid to big waves (12ft faces upwards), where pumping for speed isn't the big issue, but control and drive are? I've been loving thrusters almost exclusively in my normal boards, but for bigger waves, quads are the go, I think. Been running AM medium...
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    Very good surfing

    Never heard of this guy, but damn he has great style IMHO. Not one bit of flapping or arm waving, just really good tube riding. Pretty good editing too, with no Tourettes inducing ultra rapid chopping. I thought another Deserts clip would almost make me spew, but I enjoyed this one...
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    WQS pros' comp boards size

    I was watching a few heats of the 6000 QS currently on in Newcastle, OZ. Most of the comp has been held in pretty dismal looking conditions, but not total dog sh!t. After each heat they'd interview the winner, and it struck me that they all seemed to ride normal HPSBs an inch or more longer...
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    Groveler fin setup

    I'd like your advice/opinion on this: Just about to shape an ultra groveler; 5'8 x 21'ish, wide tail, thick and low rockered, flat deck. I'm aiming for ultimate get-up-and-go in small waves, not at all interested in a broad range. Check DMS Gherkin for the type of board. At first I...
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    Pyzel Ghost?

    Looking for input from anyone who's felt one up, or at least had a good look. Dims only tell a tiny bit of the full story, and I'm curious to know how bladed out and gunny they are. By the sound of things, there's plenty of chunk. Having fallen in love with tail rocker at a late stage in...
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    Lost Tube Pig vs Round Up?

    If any of you have ridden both, or even just had a good look, could you explain a bit about the differences, please? The Round Up is obviously wider through the nose. I'm curious about the rocker and bottom contours, though. Are they both single to double, or is the Round Up the classic...
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    Pyzel Sure Thing!

    I'm curious about this new Pyzel... Tanner/Jon (should you happen to read this): what is the rocker like compared to that of the Pyzalien? Shapers and other clever clogs: what do the super short channels do? I'm guessing a little extra control - a la vee - but still allowing for lift...
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    Bravo, Greg Long!

    A good human:
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    A few nice photos

    Spot the big fella Felipe is a happy camper
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    Pyzel Padillac?

    Sorry, this is all take and no give: Has any of you got any experience with these, or had a close look at one? They look unreal at a safe distance, and I'm thinking of a good gun for our not perfect large waves. Chop, flat spots/rocky boils, lots of wind, 15-20ft + faces. Cheers
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    Lost Trouble Shooter

    Yum yum yum!
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    "Ride this board xx inches shorter than your HPSB"???

    It seems like most shapers/boardmakers still reference the standard HPSB when advising on length/width of their more stubby shapes. Does this even make sense these days? Should I know what my hypothetical HPSB dims would be? Most everybody is on slightly shorter/wider/fatter boards than 5...
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    Thruster newbie - fin advice

    Some advice, please. The past 12 years, I've surfed quads 90% of the time. For an aging semi kook, who only took up surfing at age 21, quads give me speed, drive and hold. I love drive, and the added speed is a big bonus. Now, I've recently had a bit of a performance epiphany, realizing...
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    Board for hollow/technical waves?

    Kia ora Lately I've started surfing some waves which have steep take-offs, require quick direction changes, and don't really lend themselves to driving down the line. This is pretty much opposite to how and what I usually surf, and I'm looking to shape/buy a board suited to this sort of...
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    DHD Skeleton Key vs JS Blak Box 2?

    I'm looking at getting one of these as a DD, and while they sound very similar, it's hard to know. Any comparisons would be greatly appreciated; first hand (surfed/fondled), rumours, wild guesses. The board would have to do long paddles, connect across flat parts between pockets of solid...
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    Dane Reynolds - again

    You may all have seen this, but holy mackerel, that's ridiculously good surfing and warrants a re-run. Enjoy:–-VIDEO.html