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    RICARDO LARA CALIFORNIA INSURANCE COMMISSIONER NOTICE TO: All Admitted and Non-Admitted Insurers Writing Residential and Commercial Property Insuranc

    RICARDO LARA CALIFORNIA INSURANCE COMMISSIONER NOTICE TO: All Admitted and Non-Admitted Insurers Writing Residential and Commercial Property Insurance in California FROM: Commissioner Ricardo Lara DATE: December 5, 2019 RE: Request for a Moratorium on Non-Renewals After Recent Wildfire Activity...
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    Covered California?

    Choose wisely grasshopper
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    New 13% VAT tax in Costa Rica.

    That's going to sting a bit.
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    My daughter is the Line Producer for this music Fest in Vegas

    Go to the app store to download their app and watch it free.
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    A month ago all my Amazon orders started arriving in custom Taylor Swift boxes

    Then all of a sudden she became the queen of politics. Is there some sort of Jeff B payoff happening here or just a happy coincidence.
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    There's Refi mania in the Bay area

    So much equity and so little time to spend it.
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    plan. “Donald Trump, keep your hands off our drugs"

    And "Welcome, to the socialist paradise of Canada, Mr. Trump.”
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    OB home invasion robbery

    Homeowner Beaten After Female Guest Opens Home to Robbers in Ocean Beach A 34-year-old man was hospitalized Saturday morning with serious wounds he suffered in a violent home invasion robbery in Ocean Beach and the three suspects were at-large. The victim was with a woman at his home in...
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    Buena Vista Lagoon Restoration Plan

    Moving forward with a salt water option. Will this creat a new surf spot?
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    House approved the Cadillac health plan tax

    Members of the House voted 419-6 today for H.R. 748, a bill that could repeal the Affordable Care Act “Cadillac plan” excise tax. The implementation date of the ACA tax has been repeatedly postponed. If implemented, the provision would impose a 40% excise tax on what the government classifies...
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    Have you ever met a Lawyer that didn't hate the President?

    I can't say I have.
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    Hit & Run on OB Pier

    [video:google]<iframe width="640" height="360" style="border-width:1px; border-style:solid; border-color:#e6e6e6;" src="" allowfullscreen="true" webkitallowfullscreen="true" mozallowfullscreen="true"></iframe>[/video]
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    New mandate Cali surfer boys

    AMENDED IN ASSEMBLY MAY 17, 2019 california legislature—2019—20 regular session ASSEMBLY BILL No. 414 Introduced by Assembly Member Bonta February 7, 2019 An act to add Title 24 (commencing with Section 100700) to the Government Code, and to add Part 32 (commencing with Section 61000) to...
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    It's Raining again

    Soon So Cal is going to look like Seattle.
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    Catalina Rugby Championships

    I'm on the island for the weekend and there's Rugby teams from all over the country here. Last night in the bars was like Mardi gras on steroids. Each team has an enturage of crazys that drink and sing. I though I was in Europe at a soccer tournament. Tonight should be ever more fun.
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    More than 3 million Californians with federally compliant Real ID driver's licenses will have to provide a second proof of address after the Department of Motor Vehicles failed to ask for it. The Department of Homeland Security sent a letter to Gov. Gavin Newsom Monday informing him that the...
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    Rincon Classic

    Who’s going? Surf is going to be very good.
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    Hotel Ponto!
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    Oops, what’s this?