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    Mexico - Punta Mita

    I'm headed there this coming Saturday for a week with my family. I'm staying at the St. Regis and we have friends that will also be in the area staying in a house. It looks like from a quick search there a bunch of spots around and we will have a car. Since I've never been there before and am...
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    Forecast Help - Rincon PR

    I'm headed to Rincon PR at the end of the week for an extended trip. I've already been there a bunch of times so I know what boards out of my quiver work best. I'm trying to dial in what I want to bring but I don't have access to a long range forecast - more than 7 days. Can anyone with access...
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    Mexico Help - Sayulita Alternatives

    I need some help looking for an alternative to Sayulita. I was going to link up with my buddy and his family in early December, but they cancelled the house they were looking to rent because apparently there is an ongoing water quality/sewage issue. I don't know much about the issue, but with...
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    Costa Rica - Marriott Guanacaste

    Anyone stay here before? My wife and I got a really good deal (Marriott Family/Friends) for a room in November. Looks like a huge mega resort which is great for my wife and we will probably take our 3 year old son too. I've never been to CR before, but was looking at some stuff online and it...
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    Cabo With Family in December

    I'm looking for suggestions on places to stay with my wife and 3.5 year old son for 5-7 days from after Christmas-New Years. It will be our first time to the area. Ideally I'm looking for a resort that has amenities - pool, bar, restaurant, etc. so everything is turnkey. If there are places like...
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    Costa Rica with Family - Nov. or Dec.?

    I need some help with planning a trip to Costa Rica with my wife and 2 year old son. We usually go to Puerto Rico in the winter, but we are switching things up this year. I've never been to Costa Rica before, but I have done some basic research online. First, is there a big difference in the...
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    Bonzer Fin Question

    I noticed the sliding tab in the fin box on my bonzer is cracked, so I'm worried the screw that attaches to it and holds the fin in place will cause it to eventually break. My question is can I just buy a new tab for the box? There is nothing wrong with the fin itself, so I hoping I don't have...
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    Log Question

    I'm thinking of adding a log to the quiver for the summer doldrums. I've got my eye on a vintage 10' log with a glassed on wooden D fin. From the quick research I did it sounds like the D fin was/is used on a log for noseriding. I don't have much experience riding logs or longboards except...
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    SF/Beer/Wine Country Trip

    I'm looking into booking a last minute trip to SF next week from Friday - Tuesday. My wife travels there for work frequently so we are all set with where to stay in the city Friday and Monday. She likes wine and I like beer so the plan is to head north for Saturday and Sunday. Saturday we...
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    Proctor Scarecrow

    Any reviews out there? I found an old thread but there wasn't any feedback on it. I clicked with a twin + trailer setup back in the day and this board caught my eye. I've never ridden a Proctor, but the tech looks nice. Proctor's site recommends 6 inches shorter than your normal HPSB. That...
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    Honeymoon Destination

    Looking for some suggestions on places to go for a honeymoon in Mid December. Some details - right now the number 1 contender is Hawaii. We are planning on around 10 days wherever we go. Don't have a set budget but obviously cost will factor into the decision. We would be traveling from the...
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    Bigger Guy Future Fin ?

    Looking for fin suggestions for a 6'2" Flyer. I've been using the Vector 467's with the 425 hatchet and I am looking for something that would give me a different feel. I ride beachbreaks and am 6'0" and 185-190 lbs so I would need something in a medium or large template.
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    Travel Bag

    I am looking into getting a travel bag that I can fit 2-3 boards in. The largest board I have is 6'6" so I was thinking a bag around 7 feet should do the trick. I have a Dakine day bag right now so I'm familiar with what they have to offer. Any other brands and bags I should check out?
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    Manhattan Beach

    My girlfriend's company is looking into relocating her to an office they have in Manhattan Beach. What's the area like, places to live, avoid, etc. We are flying out next week to check it out but figured there are probably some people on here that could give me the lowdown. I know it's not...
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    Pavel Rainbow Speed Dialer

    Selling a basically brand new Pavel Rainbow Speed Dialer. I only used it twice and didn't click with it. Will knock $25 off for the erBB - $450.
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    How hard is it to.......

    get a job as a firefighter in the San Diego area. I am thinking of moving to a friends place in December. I currently don't have any qualifications since I have worked in sales for 5+ years, but it is something that I have always wanted to do. Thanks for the help.
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    Not too familiar with XTR. I saw a new XTR board today that had a slight yellowish color to it. Not the whole board but very small pockets near the nose and along the side of the rails. What is the cause? Does this have a negative impact on the board/performance?
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    CI Flyer

    I am looking to pick up a Flyer to add to the quiver. What dims would those who have experience with the Flyer recommend? I am 6'0" 185 lbs, 15 yrs. experience, and I would be surfing East Coast beachbreak.
  19. J

    Speed-Dialer Dims

    What are good dims for someone 6'0" 180-185lbs? Thanks for the help.
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    Quad Reviews

    I am looking to purchase my first quad. I have heard some good things about the Cole and Stretch Quads but have never ridden one. I wanted to see if anyone could provide some feedback on how the Cole Firefly Quad and the Stretch Fletcher Quad perform and if you would recommend either.