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    FCS2 Quads

    Gday, Just wondering what everyone is using for their quads in FCS2. Have a hankering for going back to the quad set up but haven’t done so with FCS2. I weigh about 75kg if that’s relevant.
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    Board for Punchy Beachies

    G'day guys, I'm currently looking for a board that would suit hollow punchy beachies which I have been surfing recently. It doesn't necessarily have to suit bigger waves anywhere between waist to slightly overhead (Aus 3-5 ft). want something that paddles really well so I can sit out a bit...
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    Fins for New Shorty

    Gday Guys, I'm going to get a new board next week for the first time in years. I don't know much about fins and am looking for some fin recommendations. I've narrowed my board search down to a Chilli Oh One, Stacey Machine Head (most likely) or DHD Skeleton Key 2. Looking for an everyday...
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    Outer Island Surfboards

    I'm new around here and thought i'd do a post on my favorite shaper, Mitchell Rae. He was originally from my local area and is good mates with my dad and all the old guys around here. His boards are still by far the most popular boards ridden by young and old blokes around here (in an area that...