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    New York help

    You can stay at the TWA Hotel at JKFK for about $160/night. Incredible architecture and about a 45 minute train ride to Manhattan. Doesn’t help much if you’re flying into LaGuardia or EWR.
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    Is it wacked that the North Shore is 95 percent documented with some type of video now?

    There are basically three or four spots on the North Shore where every wave is documented. 90% of the time photo/video sheep don’t bother with anyplace else.
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    Elizabeth Warren lied about sending her kids to private school

    Nobody cares. Work harder.
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    Can we talk about the new TESLA TRUCK?

    Tesla’s “$50K” equals a MSRP of $60K minus the $10K federal rebate that won’t be around forever. Just like their “$35K” Model 3 costs $45K before the rebate. There are a hell of a lot of $50K-$60K cars I’d buy before any Tesla. But I have no interest in either a truck or an electric car.
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    Elizabeth Warren lied about sending her kids to private school

    If these whiners want to send their kids to private school, maybe they should work harder so they can afford it, too. Isn’t that the way it works in conservative land?
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    *** Official Hawaiian Pro thread ***

    Looking pretty sizeable out there right now.
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    Neal's Images of the Day

    perfect. you the man, sponge.
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    Biden - weed is a gateway drug....

    Read the article. He was essentially broke when he left the Senate. His net worth is based almost entirely on the fact that he made $15 million or so after he was Vice President in speaking fees, etc. Most people in Congress were millionaires before they ever ran for office.
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    Biden - weed is a gateway drug....
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    But they do. Quite often. Lots of times they get charged, too. You can win the trial, but even if you qualify for a free attorney, the costs in terms of stress and lost time you spend at court are enormous. It can literally take years off your life. Not worth it unless it absolutely cannot be...
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    Sondland testimony

    I wouldn't say you're "immune" from "any" obstruction charges. You could still do something later that would constitute obstruction of justice. But you can't be prosecuted for obstruction because you took the fifth.
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    Sondland testimony

    You can’t be prosecuted for obstruction of justice for invoking the fifth.
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    Are you white ? Michael Obama hates you...

    I take it you've never been to Martha's Vineyard, particularly Oak Bluffs. You might want to Google it.
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    Are you white ? Michael Obama hates you...

    Yeah? No.
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    Are you white ? Michael Obama hates you...

    And the fact that wealthy neighborhoods, filled with multi-million dollar homes, are 80+% white demonstrates what exactly about white flight to you?
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    Are you white ? Michael Obama hates you...

    They own a house in Chicago in a neighborhood that's far from 90% white.
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    Maui recommendations?

    Honolua Bay is like three miles from Kapalua.
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    Vinyl Wrapping Cars instead of Paint? yay or nay?

    The vinyl wrap will reduce the value of the car more than the couple thousand bucks you’ll save.