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  1. ElOgro

    The Religion of Peace loses another freedom fighter

    RIP Usman Khan. How do the virgins look without a bag over their head?
  2. ElOgro

    Happy Birthday Daily Dale

    Congratulations on another cycle!
  3. ElOgro

    Evo Morales Done

    From coca farmer to head of the coca growers syndicate to president to political asylum in Mexico.
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  5. ElOgro

    NATO - DONE?

    So says frenchy. He should have sent French troops to show the US how to retreat with real savior faire.
  6. ElOgro

    Happy birthday Eunice!

    What’s on the menu?
  7. ElOgro

    Nazi Emergency!
  8. ElOgro

    Big sister? Technology trips me out.
  9. ElOgro

    Our tax $$ hard at work

    Or not? Joe Biden says it’s about time.
  10. ElOgro

    This doesn’t really fit in the design forum so I’ll leave it here Not judging but wtf?
  11. ElOgro

    This is a part of the body that should be celebrated

    Those wily brits. Whatever will they think of next?
  12. ElOgro

    Happy birthday steak!

    It’s Friday night. Get hammered! Tell us how you really feel. What could go wrong?
  13. ElOgro

    Anyone have Johnson and Johnson stoke :toilet:
  14. ElOgro

    Stand Your Ground defense fails He had a valid conceal carry permit.
  15. ElOgro

    Mass shooting of cops in the city of brotherly love
  16. ElOgro

    Hey Skuly

    You gonna work on this?
  17. ElOgro

    Big Brother?

    Can of worms...
  18. ElOgro

    2018 Hurricane Thread

    Backhoe blew a hydraulic line at 50% cleaning the lagoon behind the house :banghead: :censored: Otherwise we're pretty well prepared.
  19. ElOgro

    Two Good Guys With Guns!
  20. ElOgro

    Monster from New Zealand 2018 Version Discuss