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  1. Bman76

    ***Official Fin Bolt Thread***

    On land, I'm full-time glasses, so I can't even make out people in the water let alone a screw - finjak has been really good in that regard.
  2. Bman76

    ***Official Fin Bolt Thread***

    I've been using them since they started. Never had an issue. Some fins need a little shim or they wobble, but other than that, great way to find sweet spots, or to move the fin around in changing conditions.
  3. Bman76

    Help w New Board Purchase

    Just when we thought pop-out-cop was dead.
  4. Bman76

    Mctavish Custom for Steph

  5. Bman76

    Mctavish Custom for Steph

    MSF 4:35 onwards
  6. Bman76

    Skipper's Surf Review: Is it time to stop hating?

    Can we please get back to Yuri?
  7. Bman76

    Bonzer eggs?

    Same thing has happened to me with three bonzers - once on a bumblebee straight over the top of some idiot Irishman who had no place surfing at the spot, nor the type of waves on offer. Fin smashed up like yours, had it fixed - board was fine, Paddy needed stitches in his back. The other two...
  8. Bman76

    Bonzer eggs?

    My slimmed-down egg: 5'9, 19, 2 1/4, had this board since 2017 and it's just starting to get a little thin, but boy it has been amazing in most conditions.
  9. Bman76

    Bonzer eggs?

    There are some real beauties there! I love some of those modded versions.
  10. Bman76

    Longest you have waited for a custom order?

    Sounds like you just slut shamed all the surfers that got molested by a shaper for asking for a custom. "But they were wearing a mini-skirt!" :ROFLMAO:
  11. Bman76

    Longest you have waited for a custom order?

    Machine shaping now?
  12. Bman76

    **BONZER THREAD 2014**

    It depends on the bonzer. Some work at 5 3/4 with all fins. Others need adjustment based on fin size. But for me, 80% of the time, it's whatever fin at just in front of the trailing sidefins. And Duffy is correct, adjust technique for the board.
  13. Bman76

    6'3-6''6 CI Black Beauty OR 6'4 CB Russ Short bonzer3

    Bonzer - all day, every day. BB is good, but Bonzer is from the future. Or get both.
  14. Bman76

    Jim Banks

    Jim was the first shaper to charge big dollars for boards. Over ten years ago and over a grand back then.
  15. Bman76

    The Great Unbiased Wetsuit Review Thread

    I've used them for a few years. Good suits - last quite a few years.
  16. Bman76

    thick rails up front suck

    This taken last week?
  17. Bman76

    Wax Removal

    yep - strips wax in seconds. They are excellent. Good buttplug replacement too.
  18. Bman76

    Campbell Brothers WI-5 bonzer reviews?

    I had a shelter for a while that I snapped in decent size surf. One of the best performance shortboards I've owned. Always on the lookout for second-handers in my size, but never had any luck.
  19. Bman76

    ***The Official Mid-Length Thread***

    Hi Maz - they usually have the little black rhino logo glassed on the underside.