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  1. Fuller

    JBD (not JBDevlin) loses his kid.

    I haven't logged in to the erbb in quite a while either and the first post I encounter is this one... I am so sorry to hear this news, jbd. I don't know if there's anything worse than losing a son or daughter. You will eventually find peace of mind and emerge as a stronger person.
  2. Fuller

    colonoscopy blues

    Rectum? It damn near killed him! Had it done a couple of times with no issues. Now I just do the "Poop in a Box" routine and take it down to the Fed Ex Store with a smirk on my face. Haven't been on the erbb for a while, how is everybody?
  3. Fuller

    Geezers who surf.

    The wife and I are both retired so we drive out to Whitefish MT, get season passes and an 8 week rental. It works out to about 1k per week. So not cheap but doable. I fear for the popularity of ski towns though, the rentals are getting really hard to find.
  4. Fuller

    Geezers who surf.

    I haven't surfed in almost 8-10 years - I don't remember quitting but the last session was really frustrating. My shoulder was killing me and it had been months since the previous session so it didn't go well. The sun was also killing me slowly and I felt really, really old. So I switched to...
  5. Fuller

    Remember when...

    There's a craigj532 over at Slowtwich - the triathlon forum. Still active. A couple of other 'erbb posters have come and gone - Badfish aka JuanKerr comes to mind.
  6. Fuller

    Remember when...

    I'm tired of this place, Saltwater Dreams is way hipper...
  7. Fuller

    Truth Needs a Job

    I have a friend who was an editor at the local newspaper here (St Pete Times). She retired and now edits articles for the AARP online magazine. Works a couple of hours a day for $120 an hour. She was well connected at the national level with journos of all kinds so I'm not sure how you replicate...
  8. Fuller

    How Not to Park Your Boat

    and stop calling me Shirley!
  9. Fuller

    Watch out! Cyclist coming through

    How unfortunate.
  10. Fuller

    R.I.P. Surfer Magazine

    Saw the Stab article and thought I would drop in to the erbb to witness the death spasms. To no one's surprise everyone is still here and still in character - for better or worse! Cheers!
  11. Fuller

    R.I.P. Surfer Magazine

    Truth or Parody? I can't tell anymore Just in case we all wake up dead - I had fun here!
  12. Fuller

    RIP otf???

    I've been away for a while - and come back to this awful news, but I am glad to see so many old timers coming out of the woodwork (like me) to pay their respects. Aloha everyone!