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  1. studog

    Andy Lyons For Mayor!

    everyone who sits deeper than Andy is "back paddling" him. Fuck his petty little jealousy. It's funny he lost his job cause it get the better of him and little sh!t couldn't control his temper. FUCK ANDY
  2. studog

    How’s the stock market?

    they've got a contract for 100K Amazon delivery vans. got in on today's dip.
  3. studog

    Moscow Mule

    if you're concern it's a girl's drink, switch to a Rusty Nail
  4. studog

    *** The Official 2021 What Are You Listening To Thread ***

    new band hitting the airwaves they've got Sonic Youth vibe
  5. studog

    The Great Unbiased Wetsuit Review Thread

    my 5 year old 3/2 RipCurl Flashbomb + seams are falling apart so just got a 3/2 Vissla 7 Seas. XL's tough to find right now cause of inventory shortages so pulled the trigger when it showed up on their site. Haven't used in the water, but tried it on at home and fit is good and stretchy. For...