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    A chat about the AM1/AM2 fin template.

    I ride both the am2s and am1s in honeycomb. They both work great in different boards when the waves get a bit bigger. Super dependable and predictable for me
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    *** Official Fin Thread ***

    Just got a good deal on the newish christenson 5-fin futures. Anyone tried these yet?
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    What’s your favorite OTR Daily Driver

    Sharpeye cheat code is a great one in NCSd. Swallow tail version.
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    The Craigslist Thread

    Nice deal on a pyzel shadow Check out this item on OfferUp.
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    Your current two board quiver

    im so tempted to order a OG flyer and Black Beauty. this thread is not helping
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    Christenson Shaping Studio/Showroom Opening 3/2

    I think Sakal also flies to the east coast to shape some CCs
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    Mindbender: 2-board quiver, same model

    im curious about a long RNF96. anyone try one 6'4 or longer?
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    ***The Official Mid-Length Thread***

    anything with a flat rocker works, short or long.
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    Longest you have waited for a custom order?

    Looks like you have the Australian dollar as your currency
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    Fin me- Astro pop

    JJF Large fronts, HS quad rears work great on the AP as well
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    *** Official Fin Thread ***

    4 leashes, McCallum keels, Elmore twins…$147. Pretty darn good
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    Tim Stamps - Shaper of the Year

    Ive been liking my Sharpeye cheat code a lot in those conditions. Swallowtail version
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    Home treadmill recommendations?

    Just moved to a new house with a garage large enough for some workout equipment. Does anyone have a treadmill at home that they recommend?
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    RNF 96

    5’7 has been pure magic for me. FCS II power twins and (sometimes) trailer but don’t really need it. Still haven’t tried as thruster
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    No Squash Tail in the Quiver

    Pyzel shadow and Rusty What are both very good squash tail boards
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    Help me decide on a board

    Check out the Pyzel Shadow as well. Great board
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    Carissa & WSL...DONE?

    your argument misses the fact that a lot of people only tune in to see JJF, Steph and Carissa's heats
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    i have my eye on one of these as well!
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    Carissa & WSL...DONE?

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    Sharpeye Surfboards

    definitely want to try the synergy. has anyone ridden both the synergy and I72 and can compare?