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  1. Duffy LaCoronilla

    80% of California Surf Spots Gone with 3 Feet of Sea Level Rise

    Nobody is predicting 3 feet of sea level rise.
  2. Duffy LaCoronilla

    Cheeto explains the Cheeto effect

    Please tell me you don’t think he was being serious...
  3. Duffy LaCoronilla

    Cheeto explains the Cheeto effect

    It sure seems that way. I’d put money on it if I gambled. To the subject of this thread...
  4. Duffy LaCoronilla

    Is recycling a waste?

    A lot of our “recycled” waste goes to China to be “recycled”. Shipped. To China. I’m so sure that they take care of it in the most environmentally conscious way. What you can do (if you want) is work to reduce your trash buy buying in bulk (unpackaged) and re-using stuff whenever possible...
  5. Duffy LaCoronilla

    Is this a Proud Boy initiation?

    That’s just like Wednesdays at my jiu jitsu academy.
  6. Duffy LaCoronilla

    Beto Calls for Confiscation

    I just stopped commenting on or reading his posts. The dude is just a toxic individual. Without a doubt the most hate filled piece of garbage I’ve ever interacted with. I’m done with it.
  7. Duffy LaCoronilla

    Yay! Another war over oil!!!

    Of all the reasons to go to war, oil is a pretty damn good one.
  8. Duffy LaCoronilla

    Beto Calls for Confiscation

    Statistically zero.
  9. Duffy LaCoronilla

    What’s up with the butt hurt about “adults wearing flip flops”?

    I think you misunderstood my post. I’m not upset by the anti-floppers, I’m just curious about what the issue is.
  10. Duffy LaCoronilla

    Boat fire Santa Cruz Island

    The crew is disputing this.
  11. Duffy LaCoronilla

    Where is the Truth Police?

    Oh, right. Almost forgot. Everyone who thinks differently than you is dumb.
  12. Duffy LaCoronilla

    Where is the Truth Police?

    He played the game as the rules were set and beat the pros. Either the entire political establishment is full of total fuckking morons or Trump isn’t dumb. I’ve been on this kick for a long time. One of the reasons we have Trump is because his detractors think he’s dumb. He’s not dumb and...
  13. Duffy LaCoronilla

    Things that Democrat candidates want to ban.

    I’ve wanted one for awhile. Those Sienas are dope.
  14. Duffy LaCoronilla

    Where is the Truth Police?

    Then you’d also have to agree that this mentally retarded person beat everything the Dems (and Pubs) thew at him to become the President of the United States. So what does that make them? Dummer than retarded.
  15. Duffy LaCoronilla


    I have heard from others that the CIs down there have QC issues that aren’t really prevalent here.
  16. Duffy LaCoronilla

    I have a suggestion for an ERBB Politics Forum meetup....

    Is message of safety this month’s framing effect?
  17. Duffy LaCoronilla

    When immigration and environmentalism and public health & safety collide........

    I prefer my clams to be lightly bearded.
  18. Duffy LaCoronilla

    What is the environmental impact of leaving record players on? Poll.

    I heard his teeth almost fell out. Is this true?