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    New Forum layout coming tonight 12am-5am EST August 28th

    Just a heads up that we're making upgrades to the BB tonight between 12am and 5am EST. Access will be limited during that time and you will likely be asked to re-enter your password when logging back in tomorrow. Thanks for your patience. Groundswell & the Surfer Magazine staff
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    What do you consider a comfortable annual salary?

    This. Nicer car, nicer house, better schools, etc. It's all a variation.
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    Surfer / Fantasy Surfer Statement Regarding New Legislation Passed in UK / EU

    Due to recent legislation passed in the European Union, Fantasy Surfer players and SURFER forum users residing in EU countries will no longer be able to access those sites until we’ve made some changes to bring them into compliance with the new laws. We apologize for the inconvenience and are...
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    Life Lessons From Matt Hoy
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    Exploring the Canadian Coast by Camel
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    North Point OUT for Margaret River event?
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    Sterling Spencer is back
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    Time Machine: Kelly Slater in Good Times
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    And your new WSL commissioner is...

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    China's Mysterious, Yet Familiar Wave Pool
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    Conner Scores Epic Rincon
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    New Palm Springs Wave Pool Coming - Will YOU Surf it?
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    Chris Brown found Dead in Santa Barbara
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    The 10 Best Clips of 2018?
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    Weird Waves; Minnesota
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    Weedmaps Sports Athletes Returning to Hawaiian Bliss

    They're having so much fun, they listed Nathan Fletcher twice.
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    The Alternative Surfer Awards
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    Deadly Tsunami hits Indo
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    Jack Robinson; Mad to the Bone
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    Could your next surf trip be to...China?