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    Bye, Bye prime San Diego beach parking…

    Some laws are immutable, like the law of unintended consequences. The doofs in SD government who agreed to this nonsense will soon become keenly aware.
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    Professional thieves La Jolla Shores.

    I just tried that on my Acura. Took the mechanical key out, left the fob inside, and locked the doors. I could still open the doors, and start the car. I wrapped the fob in foil, left it inside, and locked the doors. Couldn't open the doors or start the car. I guess it varies by vehicle...
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    Kooks and Negligence

    Almost all states, even California, apply a "reasonable man" approach to negligence cases. Was this particularly behavior "reasonable" or not is the key; in almost all jurisdictions, this is a question of fact for the jury to decide. This judge made the decision that dropping in could be...
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    Professional thieves La Jolla Shores.

    Really? I don't know what your fob does, but mine opens the doors and starts the car. If you leave it in the car, all the thieves have to do is pull your door handle, and drive away. Unless your fob is protected in a sleeve or something.
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    Jacob Rothschild DONE!

    No it wouldn't. You would still have a small brain and tiny pepsis.
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    Kooks and Negligence

    Driving a car is an inherently dangerous activity. Would this judge throw out a lawsuit against a negligent driver? Some strange judicial BS here.
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    We’re a surf family

    Helicopter moms won't let them. Among the many horribly wrong things about the WSL, is that professional surfers are a bunch of completely uneducated louts. At least black kids from the ghetto that want to play professional basketball or football have high school degrees, and some college...
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    Possible Feb Trip Nosara CR

    December to April is big tourist season. Weather is dry and beautiful, waves small, as the swells aren't coming off the Antarctic until at least May. Soo... lots of kooks on longboards. You wouldn't see them much a few months later, well, other than sitting on the beach waiting for a small day.
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    Alexei Navalny

    Yeah, he's perfectly fine.
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    John Zerzan - "All the Lonely People"

    I rest my case. Like taking candy from a baby. The name for people like you starts with an "N".
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    John Zerzan - "All the Lonely People"

    Once again, always about you. You what they call people who think it's always about them?
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    I wonder who shot up Kansas City

    Such a sharp mind you have Kiddo.
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    I wonder who shot up Kansas City

    Once upon a time, black people knew how to dress.
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    I wonder who shot up Kansas City

    Better that than to be totally dickless like you and your butt buddy numbnuts.
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    "This week, I identify as... a Korean"

    Another "this needed a thread" response from you. You've got nothing else? Breaking news dul9000: other than your butt buddies, no one cares what you think. And we especially don't need you dictating what gets posted around here.
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    Filipe to retire?

    I wasn't replying to you maninbras. But, if you want to be respected as a world champ, you have to charge pipe. You don't have to win, but you have to compete. Period. Hell, a passle of women charged it, along with 52 year old Slater. I don't know what to say about a guy who gets all...
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    I wonder who shot up Kansas City

    I am by no means a gun nut, but numbers and the constitution escape you. There are already more guns than people in this country; even if not another one was sold, there are plenty to go around. But, the second amendment allows the sale and ownership of guns. Discussions of eliminating the...
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    John Zerzan - "All the Lonely People"

    It's always about you, isn't it?