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  1. nada2looz

    Kooks and Negligence

    i think the courts desperately don't want to touch surfing as it's an utter clusterfook. isn't there some grey area since it's out past the tide line too? i don't think surf etiquette and drop ins will ever be law but i'm pretty sure if you push someone off who drops in on you you could get...
  2. nada2looz

    Skipper's Surf Review: Is it time to stop hating?

    lol as someone who grew up surfing this godforsaken surf zone. ponte vedra to vilano will be a seawall in 10 years. get it while it lasts! haha
  3. nada2looz

    Miserable people

    Meditations - Marcus Aurelius
  4. nada2looz

    Sharpeye Surfboards

    awesome thanks!
  5. nada2looz

    Sharpeye Surfboards

    i'm about to order a disco cheater to replace a gg cheater quad. seems like the closest like for like without asking someone to make a gg copy. it's for the winter and i want to go more a bit more volume than the stock dims. was thinking a swallow tail quad with a half inch more width and touch...
  6. nada2looz

    Surfboard volume = your weight / 6

    my buddy surfs very powerfully at a very high level and he rides very light low volume boards that i can't even paddle. he weighs about 185 and displaces buckets when he turns. he's just very good at generating speed quickly and puts a lot of the board in the water when he turns. i like a bit...
  7. nada2looz

    Nazare Wipeout and Rescue

    it's about that cliff view for social media
  8. nada2looz

    The Inertia deep dive into changing ponchos lol

    once years back during a big south in north la county this mysto spot was breaking off this key access beach. me and a buddy arrived early at low tide and walked around the point to it and were starting to suit up on the rocks below where the key holders were checking it above us. i look up and...
  9. nada2looz

    You are a Kook.

    i'd have a lot more respect for him if he let a few through for others. dude's surfed the biggest and best waves in the world for a lifetime and still 'takes every wave' on a head high day on some sup boat all while never shutting the f up. great surfer tho. one of the best i've ever seen
  10. nada2looz

    What surfing has become.

    dudes also used to quit when they hit 30
  11. nada2looz

    Clay, Mason & Coco in France

    i don't think i've ever seen a drop knee layback like that before. :jamon:
  12. nada2looz

    Nicholas Cage: The Surfer!

    nic cage in an adult learner surf rage film? this is gonna be rad :porcorn:
  13. nada2looz

    You'll all be riding popouts in the future :) Or starting a GoFundMe.

    surfboards are disposable especially if you know, you surf
  14. nada2looz

    You'll all be riding popouts in the future :) Or starting a GoFundMe.

    don't take one of these to hawaii. pele would not be pleased
  15. nada2looz

    You'll all be riding popouts in the future :) Or starting a GoFundMe.

    riding a $2000 board is #65 on my list of reasons to stuff you
  16. nada2looz

    Anyone into Armwrestling?

    my roommate in college snapped his humerus just above the elbow arm wrestling a friend to decide who got to sit shotgun before we went out. absolutely horrific and he had to sleep sitting upright for 4 months so it would heal properly. so no i'm not into arm wrestling.
  17. nada2looz

    Um…The Surf Banana…

    lol have you? :trout:
  18. nada2looz

    Um…The Surf Banana…

    using trash bags on your feet to put on your wetsuit is reason number 35 on my list of reasons to stuff you
  19. nada2looz

    Becoming an older surfer

    super square fast barrels yesterday. struggled on my backhand. took several beatings of all varieties.. didn't get hurt! :jamon: getting rag dolled takes way more out of me than it used to
  20. nada2looz

    Becoming an older surfer

    i don't like giving tips to other surfers because fook you kooks but another thumbs up for pilates here. i feel like i set the clock back 20 years doing reformer pilates a few times a week.