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  1. billypilgrim

    Long fish - but shorter?

    I do. It is an awesome board for the larger waves I ride in Central Florida and is a natural step up from a fish. I have a fishy quiver that ranges from 5'5" Twin Keel, 5'7" quad fish and the 5'10" Cafe Racer. The Cafe Racer can handle some solid size in spite of its mellow rocker, both front...
  2. billypilgrim

    I need a side boob

  3. billypilgrim

    Long fish - but shorter?

    Seems like it is hit or miss for some folks, but maybe add the Nautilus to your list as well? Also, the Osprey comes in a variety o fin setups and could be another good option.
  4. billypilgrim

    What is the best smell ever?

    The subtle sweet smell in the air as you paddle up river to a natural spring head.
  5. billypilgrim

    Survey on Sustainability in Surfing Communities

    Not enough Gungan surfers on Naboo? What is your home break?
  6. billypilgrim

    Tomo MPH

    Nice footy and @ReForest red to boot.
  7. billypilgrim

    Mindbender: 2-board quiver, same model

    OG Manta and Pointy nosed step up Manta if I’m on the gulf. All I’ve really needed on the east coast of Florida this year is a 5’5” twin keel. Maybe two of them. One chubby and one more stream lined.
  8. billypilgrim

    Album Surfboards

  9. billypilgrim

    Is it just me?

    Down here in Florida it is unironic mullets, of varying rear lengths, nearly always accompanied by a dirt stache and retro shades. This phenotype is particular prevalent in Southwest Florida. Could be something in the water. See below.
  10. billypilgrim

    New WSL Head Exec

    Seems like it.
  11. billypilgrim

    New WSL Head Exec Is this legit? It is certainly relevant after recent contest/toledo discussions. "But what’s interesting to the pro surfing fan is they...
  12. billypilgrim

    Water Fasting

    shooting for that primo DiquePic is a full time job.
  13. billypilgrim

    Pyzel Precious

    Real Watersports. Maybe Surf Station.
  14. billypilgrim

    what'z on the menu?

    Couple of chuck eyes on the grill
  15. billypilgrim


    Andreini Hippy Pin = Dream Machine
  16. billypilgrim

    The Craigslist Thread
  17. billypilgrim

    San O Done

    Where will the van lifers go?
  18. billypilgrim

    Panama City Beach?

    I don't have any intel, but I definitely think it would be worth it.
  19. billypilgrim

    Quit Surfing

    Speak for yourself.