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    New WSL Head Exec

    Bobby Martinez laughing at the clowns
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    TERROR in Bali

    .crazy times
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    you are full of sh!t kook! guranteed it was no more than 6 foot , been surfing there for 40 years as my easy access spot. I have got washed around and paddle in at back channel to princevelle resort beach but it was HUGE NE and i got a righthander 2 overhead for 200 yards and finished inside...
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    Panama City Beach?

    st andrews is always the best bet, you'll be stoked because you will be thinking this shouldn't be this fun but the sand bars and water clarity makes it a great session. waist high can be a blast
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    rip mayor1

    I don't post much but he was solid! As a surfer, passin on while in water is kinda like the old cowboys "dying with boots on"!!!!! No lingering in hospital bed or going from some terrible disease!!RIP
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    RIP Mikala Jones

    Cool story bro…nobody cares! RIP THREAD TO HONOR TO A LEGEND and you are still that guy!
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    RIP Mikala Jones

    This sucks…humble rippa doing it for the love of surfing not for accolades. Charger and great guy!! Stayed wet all day everyday!!
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    Bake the Cake Bigot

    Man, this gay wedding cake has got you worked up
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    Bake the Cake Bigot

    They use different cream!
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    Paris looks nice this time of year!!

    and you get the Migrant Riots airfare super saver!! Thank you french progressives and open boarder advocates!!
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    *** The Official Celebrity Sightings Thread***

    Akids show called Ramblin ROD?…What were your parents thinking?.LOLOL
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    Twitter lol

    Well growing up in 70-80's I was always told by my elders "There's no such thing as a free lunch kid!" I guess the the millennials never heard this!!!
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    Plant Based???

    cows eat only plants so i guess all the beef i consume is plant based
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    NYC beatdown

    why do they always look like Obamas son
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    Mason at Periscopes

    mason, jjf, dane reynolds and bruce and andy..... all the rest mehhh