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  1. J

    Can we talk about Channel Islands?

    Felt one up, feels like it doesnt work. I have a small obsession with boards that dont feel like they work. Says a lot about my relationships..
  2. J

    Fins for sale (Futures, FCS2, Twins, Tri)

    Sold some boards and have some fins collecting dust. NVS Kraken Twins set 3/4" back w/ trailer Futures Base. Hardly used. Loved these fins on the board I had. $65 NVS HP Twins Surf 'n Show. Future base. Used a handful of times $65
  3. J

    Greg Griffin RIP

    Wow. i dont post on here much. I hated everything Greg said. It was from always from a jealous stand point. God bless him and his family.
  4. J

    Album Surfboards

    Fin recomendations on a shorter swallow tail Twinsman? Yolo'd a 5'6" Varial Twinsman that arrived last week. Started with the Asher Pacey 5.59s I already had and seems like it lacks in the drive department/ slides too much. Was looking at the Album NVS uprights but the base doesnt seem all that...
  5. J

    Super brand gone?

    Same but seem to be seeing it more frequently or maybe I just didnt notice it before. Maybe they're spending the surftech check at O'Hurleys on $10 beer and shots. I would...
  6. J


    Have you had the XTR Twinsman out in any chop/bump? Curious how it responds
  7. J

    Sharpeye Maguro review

    How tall are you? Was debating the 5'4." Volume wise it works but seems short for me at being almost 6ft
  8. J

    Album Surfboards

    Whats the final verdict on sizing a twinsman? (I know the site says 1-3 liters more but curious what went well) My DD is just under 28 liters these days. Thanks in advance
  9. J

    Salsa Reviews the Sharp Eye Infernal 72

    Typically need my favorite drink to deal with the music
  10. J

    5'7" Channel Islands Neckbeard 2 Spine-tek

    Lost some Covid weight. Super fun board. $360 for erbb crew. Located in NCSD
  11. J

    Costa Rica this summer

    Ill +1 for Nosara when taking the lady as well. Fun surf (although for me took a little adjusting) and plenty to do. Expect US equivalent prices on pretty much everything.
  12. J

    Who surfed today /

    48th Street would take a close 3rd place to those. 28th-30th were always my go to before moving.
  13. J

    Who else has convinced themselves they need a new board during this Covid-19 downtime?

    Did the same with a 5'6" It has hot and cold moments (for me) but I'm digging it as of today about 8 surfs in. Ridiculously fast and loose..
  14. J

    Red tide - We Ride?

    My girlfriend thought the same about me
  15. J

    New JOB Pro Model

    If Im not mistaken, Kalani was working a desk job prior to a call from Catch Surf
  16. J

    Rusty - Shiv, Hatchet, 419Fish

    Hows the weight/feel of the EPoly? Thinking about pulling the trigger on that or the Torsion, keep going back and forth in my head
  17. J

    CA Beaches Done

    I was waiting for something like this to happen. I feel like there will be a lot of backlash, hopefully from the right people in charge of our counties. Governor Douche-som can suck it
  18. J

    The day surfing died in San Diego

    Up to the cities... so who knows as nothing has been announced. Waves will be small but fun tomorrow then awful until they decide to close the beaches again...
  19. J

    Tomo MPH

    Is there a code for the discount? Thanks, this post got the wheels turning during this down time!