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    *** Official Lexus Pipe Pro Contest Thread ***

    Does Jordy stand a chance today? or is it the John John show?
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    *** Official Lexus Pipe Pro Contest Thread ***

    Looks like great waves on tap today!
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    *** Official Rip Curl WSL Finals Contest Thread ***

    I as well think Saturday or Sunday they may run the contest-more eyes on it and traffic on the beach, plus a bird in hand. But the better swell and direction will be next week, not factoring in the wind. Would personally rather see groomed groundswell.
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    ***2023 Hurricane Season Thread***

    Really enjoying the East Coast stoke on this thread! Nearly 30 years removed from east coast (except a 6-year stint in Newport RI) I completely understand the excitement surrounding tropical storms. First memories of surf trips were chasing storms up the coast, Hatteras and outter island runs...
  5. Santa Rosalia.mp4

    Santa Rosalia.mp4

    Santa Rosalia
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    ***2023 Hurricane Season Thread***

    First time I have personally seen a Tropical Storm watch for SD.
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    ***2023 Hurricane Season Thread***

    He would be correct, very quick jump in swell, surfed town for a few hours, well overhead, some clean up sets, sideshore winds and ok shape with the tide pushing. Once the swell get well overhead and moves further out on the reef its like surfing a new spot- new rocks, boils and whatnot. This...
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    ***2023 Hurricane Season Thread***

    Wind looks like a no go for southern Baja and up the East Cape.
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    The only issue I have with XTR is the build is so damn good and nearly bulletproof I have cut back on my board buying because my boards last so long!
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    When's the last time you surfed and how was it?

    The easier question would be when is the last time I didnt surf :waving: been nonstop waves in my little area of Mexico since beginning of May. Swell from all directions, some tropical mixed in to keep it lively and generally favorable conditions. Plus the Mexican government didnt change the...
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    ***2023 Hurricane Season Thread***

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    *** Official Surf City El Salvador Pro Contest Thread (WSL, not the ISA event) ***

    Didnt get to see much of the contetst, but, really have enjoyed Griffins climb thru the ranks and in appearance the positive attitude he has been portraying, seems like he has put in the work and starting to figure it out to get where he is at today. The double shaka he threw paddling over the...
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    2022 Tropical Systems

    Drove (way) up the east cape earlier today looking for something that wasnt blown out, strong ENE winds, wasnt happening. A small window in town earlier this morning and lighter more favorable winds (and less swell) on the Pacific side thru midday.
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    For me, here in the land of generally softer reefs and points it takes a special swell for the ghost turn on-doesn’t have to be big, but needs energy & drive from a pockety/hollow wave for the board to work as intended-my ghost is a 6'2" and I use it as a step up. The Highline, wow, this board...
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    Decided to clean up my boards today so thought I would share my current XTR/Pyzel quiver for here in Southern Baja... Left to right... 5'9" Pyzel Mini Ghost 30.5 liters 6'0" Pyzel Shadow 30.4 liters 6'0" Pyzel Highline 29.5 liters 6'2" Pyzel Ghost 32.4 liters Me- 52yrs/5'11"/187#. Love the...
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    Checking in from Cabo

    Level 3 only travel to and from work or to the store. All beaches are closed. Naval Ships cleared the lineup this morning at the Rock/Zippers at 8:30am. 7 Federales trucks on the beach clearing out anyone on the beach in the surf. East Cape signs are up all Beaches closed. Military setup...