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    Professional thieves La Jolla Shores.

    Run into that issue with rental cars with smart-keys. Even after taking the valet key out, car often won't lock w/ the key in the whip. In lieu of a Faraday pouch, aluminum-foil works great. Wrap the key in foil, take valet key with you, lock car. Chip in the key gets blocked by the foil.
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    The ultimate Duffy fin give away….

    It's been a couple days, still feeling tired? If so, take a fvcking power-nap and post up the fvcking fins already.
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    Anybody going from Encinitas to Carlsbad?

    Should have posted this in Craigslist M4M section
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    *** Official Lexus Pipe Pro Contest Thread ***

    the subtext on that video states it's a highlight reel of waves "similar to the ones that came through on the day they called the comp off"......
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    How’s the stock market?

    That's when I made my money off it, bought a bunch of shares and out of the money calls right after it was listed on a whim, sold around 25 and now I'm done with it. Seems like w/ all the government contracts they are kind of limited in terms of commercial growth.
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    The ultimate Duffy fin give away….

    Futures EA quads pls
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    What is the value of 10% of Kelia Moniz's prior contract?

    Can't remember the last time i ran out and bought an O'neill hooded flannel cuz I saw Timmy wearing one at Año Nuevo
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    Swami's Park Benches

    benches/ tables = homeless people sleeping, congregating, and bothering everyone else. Those benches have attracted a solid crew of fvckheads that spend all day, every day there smelling like sshit, catcalling women, screaming into the void, and trashing the place. Good riddance.
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    Slater's Wave Pool - Dubai Edition

    the emirates lounge at Dubai airport is 5* top notch, but the departure terminal for LAX had heavy grimy thirdworldshithole vibes, pit latrine turkish toilet and all
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    Classic longboard/noserider (I confess I like men!)

    Guy certainly knows how to shape a nose-rider if asked.
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    You will probably never experience a wave this good.

    ^^doesn't look like a roll in type of wave at all Dream wave, that looks sooooo fun.
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    Del Mar Zone Reccos

    Las Olas' food is trash. I guess people go for the view or the margaritas. Tourist trap. Too bad they closed down El Callejon several years ago. En Fuego is moderately better. If you're in Del Mar it's worth a stop, but it's not like there's many other sit down White-People Mex options in DM...
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    Del Mar Zone Reccos

    Every Mexican place around here has that one thing that they specialize in. As such, the only thing I ever order at Robertos is the California Burrito. They make a good one. I'm partial to the Solana location. Fish 101 overrated. Was pretty disappointed last time I ate there and no desire to go...
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    The Search for Donald Day and Donny Wilson

    Donny wilson still rips, or at least he did the last time I surfed w/ him a couple years ago. That was the first time I met him, and after chopping it up with him for like an hour (we were the only 2 in the lot at a shittty beachbreak in LA) he left me a note w/ his # on my car when he went in...
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    *** Official Vivo Rio Pro by Corona Thread ***

    show us on the doll where kelly slater hurt you
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    When's the last time you surfed and how was it?

    I surfed this morning, before that, yesterday, before that Monday. I try to get out every day, schedule permitting. Helps having a bunch of different boards that makes all types of conditions fun. Been logging a lot on the smallest days. It's been tiny some days but I still have fun fuckin...
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    *** Official Surf City El Salvador Pro Contest Thread (WSL, not the ISA event) ***

    I dunno, I enjoy his surfing. For a tall, super lanky human, he's got that low-effort look where it appears like he's not really trying yet does some beautiful turns and full rotation airs out of nowhere in between cruising. Plus I always like to see the mellow, unsponsored, humble guys do well...
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    ***Official Real Estate Thread***

    I liked the old UTC so much more, the new one reminds me of Century City. Last couple times I've been there it's been poppin tho.
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    *** Official Surf City El Salvador Pro Contest Thread (WSL, not the ISA event) ***

    I'm stoked to see him do well after previously qualifying and then having to sit out, requalify due to injury. Would be stoked to see Ramzi do the same