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  1. Firebird

    Fires in Maui

    The displaced deserve every penny and benefit they can get.
  2. Firebird

    I need a side boob

    That's not even a side boob. That's the whole can!
  3. Firebird

    Fires in Maui

    What a shame
  4. Firebird

    Landslide at Fleener Creek, Humboldt County

    Lots of seismic activity in that area. Several significant earthquakes in the last few years.
  5. Firebird

    The Random Photo Thread - The Sequel

    Yes. That was troubling.
  6. Firebird


    Hang in there homey!!!!
  7. Firebird


    That dude is rad. Fingers crossed for a full recovery.
  8. Firebird

    PPK Gets Mentioned on Surf Spledor!

    Episode with Hank Warner. Good one. Whoops. I spelled Splendor wrong.
  9. Firebird

    We’re a surf family

    OK, I'll get real specific. I live in central OC and my boy is almost 17 (not sure what category that puts him in) and goes to Corona del Mar HS. He's on the baseball team and the boys all hang out as a group. They are the quintessential American kids. They like pick up trucks, boats, guns...
  10. Firebird

    Ok mods

    If I've learned anything in my professional life, it's that if you express displeasure with your given nickname, it becomes your permanent nick name. Besides, I can't figure out why you don't like it. It's very flattering and likely to peak the interest of all the ladies here on the erBB.
  11. Firebird

    Bounce bounce

    I got daughters older than that:rolleyes:
  12. Firebird

    I always forget sh!t

    Join the club, Homey. It's not gonna get better.
  13. Firebird

    We’re a surf family

    Made me the man I am today
  14. Firebird

    We’re a surf family

  15. Firebird

    Divorce Thread better than book thread

    I think this is the same conversation as, "I'd like to get breast implants" constructed a different way. She's on her way out.
  16. Firebird

    Divorce Thread better than book thread

    I know zero details, but from what it looks like from this side of the computer screen, you made lemonade.
  17. Firebird

    I need a side boob

    I can't take that chick seriously
  18. Firebird

    Filipe to retire?

    Don't care
  19. Firebird

    Has Anyone Else Noticed....

    When I started lurking in this forum about 2008, it was an absolute comedy show. I couldn't believe how many witty and creative people all found each other in one place. Great story tellers. The vibe is completely different now, but I keep coming back in search of the occasional gem.