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  1. Woke AF

    Hotties of Yesteryear

  2. Woke AF

    I need a side boob

  3. Woke AF

    “He’s like the 12year old boy who goes to high school and meets Captain of the Football Team.”

    Maybe you should try rehearsing things before you open your mouth.
  4. Woke AF

    Trump wants a totalitarian regime

    Fluffing up a a word salad always indicates a valid point will not be on the menu. Did you not learn anything from Surfrog?
  5. Woke AF

    Trump wants a totalitarian regime

    So this is what Grapeboi Economics 101 is. Another version of blame the victims. The upperclass set this system in place. Now blaming the lower class for using it is so typical of grapeboi rant. it does make them richer and the poor stay where they will be. That is its intention.
  6. Woke AF

    Trump wants a totalitarian regime

    :unsure: one of the dumber statements. There should be sticky list of such statements from posters. Another goldmine unrealized. Sigh
  7. Woke AF

    Jacob Rothschild DONE!

    And that is your chosen people want us to believe!!!!!!!! You puppet masters are so clever. WE ARE NIT DUMMIES.
  8. Woke AF

    Will Sonya Sotomayor sprout a brain and bail while Sleepy Joe has the Senate, or did we learn 0 RBG lessons?

    I thought it was mandatory for everyone to bring a medic when you travel in 3rd world states. Seems like good ol' common sense.
  9. Woke AF

    Goleta Closed - 1 Million Gallon Sewage Spill

    Duffster is on it and Mother Nature will clean up the mess. Not all hero's wear hazmat suits.
  10. Woke AF

    The GOP in 2024…..

    In his instance it’s called word calling. Says the words with no understanding.
  11. Woke AF

    Trump wants a totalitarian regime

    Well now Mr Dumbfuck, what you org. said makes no sense at all. Having your opinions based in reality would be helpful.
  12. Woke AF


    Yes, ordered custom for $1600 6 weeks Beamish.
  13. Woke AF

    Trump wants a totalitarian regime

    You are such an idiot. Barry made 276 Eo's W made 291 R. Regan made 396 Look it up, lazy ass.
  14. Woke AF

    Home protection device

    Keeping those kids off the lawn and those sketchy delivery drivers away from the front door has never been so important. :socrazy:
  15. Woke AF

    CPAC 2024 - “Welcome to the end of democracy!”

    still mansplaining...
  16. Woke AF


    WTF, not one person almost dies.:trout:
  17. Woke AF


  18. Woke AF

    Embryos is peoples