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  1. Bayview

    What is the best smell ever?

    Homemade maple syrup, filtered hot out of the evaporator. should be slightly under 1.5 gallons in there, a few brix off 67 but still so good.
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    Novena starts tomorrow.
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    Love it or Leave it!

    Fũcking TikTok videos. you clowns.
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    (Death and) Taxes

    Could you imagine if the tax code wasn’t amended by President Trunk in 2017? you would be paying more. don’t get used to it. Expires in 25’ and the democrats wanna keep spending. Spend spend spend at the expensive of the citizen.
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    (Death and) Taxes

    Brutal this year Hey, subway or one world. Can you move this to the politics forum so we can have a proper go at it? Thank you, for the consideration.
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    Post your favorite Bible verses here

    For you are dust, And to dust you shall return.
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    Seriously considering voting for Trump....

    Getting this thread back on track eye contact?
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    Chopes Right Hander in the Solomans?

    Very cool and bananas. brought back memories of aitutaki and non-surfabke closeout waves. First few days, massive swell with a little surfable waist high shore break on the beach that squeaked through. Then next few days were flat and were able to kayak out to reef & beyond. Flat reef, no real...
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    Can we talk about Taylor Swift’s potential influence on the 2024 election?

    Hey don’t let your mom put your swiftie t shirt in the dryer too long - it may shrink.
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    Political Meme Thread II

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    the Chinese stoke market is tanking

    Chinas hurtin. the pharma bill aimed at Wuxi is bananas. Grandpa didn’t do sh!t. The government gives out trillions during Covid and we expect things to go south? I love how the irs is clawing back that money through taxes and interest that wasn’t made clear then.
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    Violent crime at historic lows…..Thanks Brandon!!

    What did grandpa do? Yes, more gun laws?
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    EVs "fading fad"...

    They’re fun to drive. I’ll prolly get a byd or Tesla before I die. the combustion engine won’t die in our lifetime
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    Another Conspiracy Theory Comes True

    China been doin it for long Time
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    How can Texas claim to be all about freedom ?

    Have you ever been to Utah!? JeeeZ Why are the feds so oppressive? Still illegal there. Yawn
  16. Bayview

    Malia Ann Obama, filmmaker……

    I’m biased as well after watching the change over 30 years. My sister lives in town etc. also still salty that a never got a beer in 2008 due to Kim k. Eagles were losing nfc game. It was Sundance week. Bar was packed. I wanted one last beer and in walks Kim khardasian. Never got that beer...
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    I appreciate you

    I once had in my email signature a “He (haw)”. Got a few chuckles and also a request to remove the “(haw)” now. I have no pronouns.
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    Malia Ann Obama, filmmaker……

    Don’t let my brevity and your stupidity conflate two totally unrelated events in space and time equate to some bogus take home conclusion. wankers inserting non sense. It’s just sophmorically silly how your brain arrives at that. the Obamas continue to disappoint.
  19. Bayview

    Malia Ann Obama, filmmaker……

    Totally biased with a “free” place to stay. Even Heber city is astronomically priced during that week. Car rental, restaurants etc all fǔcked. Traffic is a total cluster. Feeds a buncha folks buying homes that sit empty majority of the year. noted. The mountain is empty.