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    Tuna recipes?

    Take that out of the bag asap and wrap in paper towels. It will last a lot longer. Keep it dry
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    Hawaii- Done

    I saw that last night. What’s the story? Whole mountain side was on fire.
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    Family trip to Oahu in August

    Haubush is a Waikiki like wave. Can be fun with lighter winds. On a bigger swell there are better waves around that area if you look around. Tracks can be fun as well.
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    Mike Geib? Any reviews

    Looking at a board shaped by Mike Geib. Anyone have any 1st hand experience?
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    Rounded pin tail twins

    Looks epic. What did he charge for that and how long did it take?
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    Hawaii- Done

    I have done both. One in Waikiki with setback issues that we had no choice. The before and after shots are dramatic. If the size of the single wall house works for the client (and its not termite eaten) its cheaper to frame and insulate. Typically quicker to get permits that way as well as its...
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    Hawaii- Done

    Its a challenge, especially in the current market. Most decent contractors have more work than they need. This compounded with labor shortages and material delivery issues makes the process difficult. As a client you need to expect problems. On the GC side there needs to be good communication...
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    Hawaii- Done

    I do both residential and commercial work. I just finished bidding a two story new construction house on a flat lot and came in around $500sf. Based on conversations with other builders this seems like the new normal. Difficult sites or super high end interiors will be more. We just finished a...
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    Hawaii- Done

    Budget $500+ Sf for high end fixtures. Any site issues? I’ll send my contact via dm. Licensed GC on Oahu