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  1. Watervalley

    No more BBQ thread?

    got to say all above amazing I keep going back to that pork chop picture Alberta beef here
  2. Watervalley

    achilles heel torn

    thanks for this period. wow all around I'm 56 that's not helping ,the stories are so reality checks , with ya on the crutches gig , got some scooter for home and some freaky all terrain scooter thing for my truck cargo , pull it out and cruise about as close to getting that feeling till months go by
  3. Watervalley

    achilles heel torn

    I'm on the 6 months program no surgery my physio dude is saying a year I might be surfing again , I almost puked , any advice much appreciated cheers did it on a longboard skateboard pumped and back heel hit the wheel happened in an instant
  4. Watervalley

    Waikiki/Honolulu Happy Hour?

    I still dig the food and service at Chart house give me old school and white tablecloth I'm in
  5. Watervalley

    Step Up Mentawai

    My Basque bro , 6-2 fish beard Sultans fun . me the 56 yr old just got through it :shaka:
  6. Watervalley

    Love Machine Surfboards

    My cousin cooked for Putin in Ibiza couple summers back some yacht gig , was this dude his interpreter ? so dig the Russian English dialect
  7. Watervalley

    *** Official Snow Surfing Thread ***

    Had some fun rides yesterday kids done for the season place is called KPOW Alberta rockies snow cat , use to be an old resort called Fortress hence the mountain , and every truck car winter commercial is filmed here , great vibe , :shaka:
  8. Watervalley

    HBO - The Last of Us

    I dig the lead dude reminds me of Burt Reynolds , boys they filmed this in my territory Alberta , what fucks me up watching this is the chinois ballon flying over here and Montana , ah they could drop whatever they want to vía the balloon on my cattle people etc and we’re the Chilean Burt...
  9. Watervalley

    Surfing Moorea?

    agreed with above bring swag I gave baseball lids and wax away and they were super stoked . cool people , best mahi mahi I've ever eaten is there get your paddle into Olympic shape for Club Med wave , so easy getting out , breathtaking water I caught a couple rights looking down freaked me out...
  10. Watervalley

    *** Official Snow Surfing Thread ***

    I got Burton flight attendant last year love the float but still go back to Grocer I still dig the weight
  11. Watervalley

    *** Official Snow Surfing Thread ***

    56 boys still enjoying the Canuck rockies , shots are from the Monashees in Blue River BC still like riding my Lib Tech grocer 193 cm with no more original step ins Burton flipped to the new ones last year can't believe how less weight the boot and bindings are now
  12. Watervalley

    Order of Operations. Morning Coffee

    super crema Lavazza is as good as it gets period
  13. Watervalley

    ford trucks still the best like a rock!

    Pine Tree for the Win Aluminum isn't your friend had my side by side in the cab doing the funky chicken to unload it on a rock wall level with my truck , slip slide game over
  14. Watervalley

    What are you really?

    you guys are my spirit animals love the erbb all of it
  15. Watervalley

    Salmon Creek

    lol awesome Roger that bring the booties and some halibut heads , last birthday trip was Santa Barbara last January I drove on the highway and I'm like wow that looks like some waves pull over figure out how to walk down to the break ask some guy in the water what they call this spot and he...
  16. Watervalley

    Salmon Creek

    Gentlemen ; heading to headlesburg for my wife's birthday is salmon creek the beach to hit from there , any other spots would be appreciated , I'm a Canuck so can handle cold water 4/3 3/2 no booties ? :)
  17. Watervalley

    Surfing is Broken

    saw some of the Canary Isle crew at Sultans in September , yup and yup , guy who lived in Lanzarote from France key word here saw them and just turned white ,they knew some of the crew my Basque friend knew from there had some laughs he asked them if they wanted to meet the French guy via...
  18. Watervalley

    Tuna recipes?

    My favourite I use fresh salmon as well instead of Tuna
  19. Watervalley


    Tom Hanks character killed that flick couldn't make it through it on the plane , your so right