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    yes, no surf when I was there (summer, ~2 weeks) but it's an amazing place (sicily). The food, sightseeing, history, etc. was ridiculous. Great value too. I check the swell map now and then and it's relatively consistent (for the med at least). But it's definitely no surf mecca. If you like...
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    Portugal tips?

    Please tell! Definitely not useless info.
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    Portugal tips?

    Anyone spent time in Portugal? Any must-visit/must-surf zones? Going to be spending a bit of time there soon
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    That looks really fun! Were you there to surf or to visit in general? What a spot that area is. Beautiful.
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    Nice yeah I check it on and looks like they get a fair bit of fetch/swell from the east. re: West Coast Italy - I have only been over there once, but got some very fun (shortboardable) surf in Levanto, right by cinqueterre, in the middle of the summer. Fun peaks in beautiful warm...
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    Anyone ever surfed in Sicily? If so, any seasons/spot info you can share? Looks like Syracuse side + Palermo side both get swell. I know Sardinia gets good, although it has a completely different swell window. Thanks for any insights
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    My pop up has gone to sh!t!!!!

    Great advice here on technique / strength / weight loss / etc. I have surfed since I was little but due to poor technique, poor mobility, long legs & tight hips/ankles, I still botch way too many takeoffs, especially in crap waves. (steeper waves allow my board to drop down the face and seem to...
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    Solite Boots Review

    I had some 7mm boots (for 30s F water) that actually had amazing board feel and never had any issues at all with. They were incredibly warm, nice and fuzzy on the inside too and dried super fast. I've always suspected durability however as the "soles" were basically the raw neoprene with some...
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    (ignoramus insight) board's wave catching ability: entry rocker >>> volume

    If I would have thought there was a chance I could fondle one of those keel fins maybe I would have! It was a pure desperation/sustenance re-quiver - limited budget, craigslist deals and nearby friends' cast-offs only. Underrated wetsuit re-quiver move I will probably make a proclamatory post...
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    (ignoramus insight) board's wave catching ability: entry rocker >>> volume

    I agree of course he will outpaddle you with that much more volume. And with more volume he will also have more paddling range to get into position for more waves, than someone riding substantially less volume. Thinking out loud here: The past ~5 years I haven't surfed a shortboard, as I've...
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    (ignoramus insight) board's wave catching ability: entry rocker >>> volume

    This is probably old news for most, but I had a simple insight after jumping back and forth between some hipstery mid lengths / long fishes and an appropriately volumed (on the plus size) modern shortboard with a lowish entry rocker & more aggressive tail rocker: A board's wave catching ability...
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    Puerto Rico in April?

    My standards are low. Recent water temp uptick allowed me to downgrade from a 6 mil to a hooded 5/4/3. When I squint hard enough at my wind-battered local, I see fun wedges everywhere. For PR - Anything loggable or fish-able where I'm able to walk to/from my dwelling I'll be more than happy...
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    Puerto Rico in April?

    I have to go to Puerto Rico for work in April. Never been but I still remember the footage of Dane at that one insanely rippable right when the CT was there years back. I'll be near San Juan for the first few days for the work stuff but thinking of staying somewhere by some fun surf (if there...
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    Sizing a Board for 3x OH - How Big is too Big?

    How much do you weigh? What do you ride in everyday surf?
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    Sumba Island Indonesia

    This guy went, looked fun:
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    Let's Talk About Kelly...

    Impressive ankle dorsiflexion.
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    What size board (volume) do you think he is on there?
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    Future chats

    What's the best forum software for mobile you think?
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    Post your Foil Pics HERE

    Nice style, sweet scenery. PNW?
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    Best foil for you.

    Anyone tried this setup? Looks/sounds interesting from their description ( ?)